• Classroom Expectations:

    In this class, we will all discover more favorite books and authors and expand our writing.

    Be Respectful

    Be Ready

    Be Responsible

    1. Prompt – Be on time! If you are not in the room when the bell rings and come in without a pass, you will be counted as tardy.
    2. Prepared – Come to class prepared with pencils, pens, Reader’s Notebook, Writing Binder, agenda, current assignments, and a book to read.
    3. Productive – TRY YOUR BEST.
    4. Polite – Be respectful of all people and property. Raise your hand to ask questions or speak – your thoughts are valued and I want to make sure they are heard!
    5. Be Kind – Come to class with a positive attitude and a willingness to participate and learn. 


    What to bring EVERY DAY:

    1. Agenda
    2. Reader's Notebook
    3. Writing Binder
    4. Pencil Pouch (with sharpened pencils, highlighters, pen, etc.)
    5. the book you are reading (your IR book)