Nine week plan

    1. Introductions, Nouns: Singular & Plural, Labor Day
    2.  Nouns: Collective & Compound, Concrete & Abstract,
    3.  Nouns: Possessive
    4.  Pronouns: Object and Possessive 
    5.  Intro to Verbs (to be, have, do, say, get), Subject/Predicate, Revolutionary War vocab
    6.  Adjectives, Verbs (to make, know, go, take, see), Columbus Day
    7.  Adverbs, Verbs (to come, think, look, want, give)
    8.  Prepositions, Verbs (to use, ask, tell, find, work)
    9.  Conjunctions, Verbs (to seem, feel, try, leave, call), Halloween