Weekly Word Study Homework

    Complete your choice of activities throughout the week

    to make a total of 10 points by Friday.

    Words for this assignment can be found in your student's agenda on that week's Spelling Words List. 


    Points for Each

    Write in ABC order


    Write your sort

    Take a written quiz

    Write rhyming words

    Break words into syllables


    Write at least 5 new words



    Write synonyms

    Write antonyms

    Write 3x each

    Write an e-mail to your teacher

    Write and highlight


    Write sentences



    Sound hunt

    Newspaper/Magazine hunt

    Word hunt

    Illustrate words


    Write a story



    Write definitions

    Make a game

    Make a feature collage

    Make a word search


    1 Point Activites:

    Write in ABC order- write all of your words in ABC order

    Write Your Sort- write your sort using the patterns you found.

    Take a Written Quiz- have a family member or friend give your student a quiz on their words.

    Write Rhyming Words- write rhyming words for 10 of your words.

    Break Words into Syllables- write your words and break them into syllables by boxing the syllables in or underlining them.


    3 Point Activities:

    Write at Least 5 New Words- Write 5 new words that use the same pattern as your list this week. 

    Write Synonyms- Write synonyms for 10 of your words. 

    Write Antonyms- Write antonyms for 10 of your words. 

    Write 3x Each- Write every spelling word 3 times each.

    Write an E-mail to Your Teacher- Write an email to your teacher and type out your sort to your teacher OR write your teacher an email using at least 10 of your words.

    Write & Highlight- Write all of your words and highlight the feature. (What you are sorting the owords by. For example words that end with -ad: dad)


    5 Point Activites:

    Write Sentences- Write sentences for all of your words.

    Sound Hunt- Find items in your house that have the same sound as your weekly words. (Example: if you have the long vowel sound ai, you could look around your house and find a bucket of paint. Then your child could write the word paint on their paper). 

    Newspaper/Magazine Hunt- Have your child look through a newspaper/magazine and have them find words from their list or pictures to represent them OR have them find words/pictures that have the same pattern as them. Glue the items found on a piece of paper/notebook.

    Word Hunt-Find your weekly words in your house (in books, magazines, etc) Write them down!  

    Illustrate Words- Illustrate all of your weekly spelling words


    7 Point Activities:

    Write a Story- Write a story using all of your spelling words.

    Write Definitions-Using a dictionary, online dictionary, OR using your child's own words have your child write definitions of their words.

    Make a Game- Make a game using their words. (The game must somehow involve all of your weekly words. Bring the game to share with your classmates.)

    Make a Feature Collage- Find pictures in magazines/newspapers of their weekly words. Create a collage with them.  OR Make a collage using Wordle, print it out and glue in homework spiral.

    Make a Word Search-Create a word search that includes all of your weekly words.