• Homework, Late Work, and Make-Up Practices


    Make Up Work:

    Per LCPS Make Up Work policy, students will have one day for each day absent to make-up any work missed.  Additionally, I am happy to work with students to chunk assignments and organize deadlines in the event students miss multiple classes. Again, I am here to help in any way so pelase do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions and comments. 


    Homework will be graded for completion and effort, to the satisfaction of the teacher, and is due at the beginning of class. Work that is incomplete will receive reduced credit, and late homework will not receive credit.

     Late work:

    1. Remaining department: 10 percent per calendar day that the work is late will be deducted from the student’s grade.
    2. DE: Late Work: Late work will not be accepted and does not receive credit. However, each student will receive one late paper coupon per semester that allows him/her to turn in one essay/induvial project (not homework) the next class session with a ten-point deduction.