BWHS English Department Grading and Assessment Practices: 


    Grade Calculation: A student's numerical average will be comprised solely of summative assessments. Formative assessments will still be recorded in the grade book as a feedback and communication tool and must be completed before attempting any reassessment.

    Late Work: Students will be allowed a one week grace period (7 calendar days) past the original due date to complete any summative assessment.

      • Work submitted 1 week past the original due date may impact the teacher’s ability to provide thorough and timely feedback, which is critical to student success and mastery of the skill(s). 


    Floor Grade: In order for a student to receive the floor grade (50) on any given summative assessment, a reasonable attempt at completing the assessment must be made. A reasonable attempt is defined as a student thoughtfully attempting at least 50% of the given assessment.


    Reassessments: All students will be given one opportunity to reassess any summative assessment that earns a grade of 80 or below. Students must conference with the teacher, complete remediation as outlined in the Student Reassessment Plan, and schedule the reassessment with the teacher within one week (7 calendar days) of the grade posting to Phoenix. Any student who completes a reassessment can earn a replacement grade up to but not exceeding 80%.

    Classroom Grading System
    I grade using a point system which is averaged each quarter.  Each quarter grade will be calculated using Total Points Earned  / Total Points Available.  Grades will be posted to Phoenix/Parent VUE, Student VUE as often as possible.  
    The following school codes will be used in Phoenix:
    X = exempt
    Z = zero (not turned in)
    S = student absent day of assignment, needs to make up.
    To access Phoenix (Parent VUE or Student VUE) please go to https://portal.lcps.org/