• Common Practices 

    Class Information and Expectations 

    Please note that specific practices involving curriculum, reading lists, etc. can be found in the syllabus under each specific course link.  Below is a general outline of expectations that I have for all of my students:
    Required Materials - paper (loose leaf or notebook), binder or folder to organize handouts, pens or pencils, independent reading book (we will visit the library regularly - do not feel pressured to purchase novels).
    Students are expected to adhere to the Briar Woods High School Honor Code and our Be TRUE (Trustworthy, Respectful, United, Excellent)  
    Finally, in addition to respect, responsibility, and integrity, I expect all of my students to take ownership over their learning.  If you are struggling, please talk to me (I'm here to help!). Additionally it is your responsibility to keep up with assignments, handouts, and deadlines.  I'm happy to work with parents in a support role, but prefer that students approach me first with questions or concerns (I'm not scary, I promise!) I want my students to have a succesful year, so please reach out with any questions or concerns. 
    Cell Phones and Electronic Devices
    At points in class we will use electronic devices (for research, to read eBooks, and various other reasons).  However, unless explicitly stated, electronic devices should not be used in class.  I provide a charging station at the front of the classroom and storage cubbies at the front door - if you can't trust yourself to keep it away please make use of these options to help you "unplug" and engage in class. I will only warn/ask to put away cell phones/devices once before I take it.  I reserve the right to turn phones and devices into the office and require parents to pick up.
    The Briar Woods High School Honor Code, as well as all practices and procedures outline in the BWHS student agenda, will be strictly enforced in class.  You are expected to be very familiar with, and abide by, these procedures.  
    I reserve the right to make changes to these expectations as the year progresses to best fit the needs of my students.