• Late Work Practices

    I follow the English Department’s grading policy for late work. Please note the administrative step I need you to complete in order to keep this much work organized. When you submit work after the deadline, you need to fill out the Late Work Submission Google Form - whether it is a paper or online assignment - so that I know that it has been turned in. Some of our software does not notify me when a late assignment has been submitted.

    The Department's Late Work Practice is:

    Student Expectations:

    • The official gradebook will be kept in Student/ParentVUE (Phoenix). You can preview individual assignment grades in Schoology, however.
    • Work is expected to be completed to the best of the student’s ability and turned in on time.
      • Late work will be accepted up to two weeks after the due date, but only up to five school days before the end of the quarter.
      • After three (3) late assignments in a single quarter, a conversation involving a student support team comprised of the student, teacher, parent, counselor, and administrator [if necessary] will be had to discuss interventions and student supports. If interventions and supports are unsuccessful, the student support team may make other recommendations up to and including no longer accepting late work.
    • Missing assignments will be assigned a grade code of “Z” (missing) in the official gradebook.
    • Floor Grade: a floor grade of 50% will be given if a student makes a reasonable effort to complete the assignment.
      • Reasonable effort is defined as thoughtfully attempting to complete at least 50% of the assignment
      • A student may earn a grade less than 50% if no reasonable effort is made
      • Teachers will use the “R” code in StudentVUE/ParentVUE to reflect the floor grade if a student earns less than a 50%. This change will be completed at the end of each quarter.

     Teacher Expectations:

    • Teachers are expected to record in Schoology whether or not an assignment was turned in on the day an assignment is due.
    • Teachers will use the notes section of the grade book to communicate when an assignment was initially due and when that late assignment is submitted. 
    • Teacher will use grade book comment codes in Schoology to communicate when an assignment is:
      • Excused
      • Incomplete
      • Missing