• Classroom Guidelines

    Class rules


    • Respect
      • Arrive on time to class. We will follow school policy, for each quarter you may be tardy 2 times. After 2 unexcused tardies, students will receive Friday/Saturday School and disciplinary actions afterwards.
      • Listen while the teacher is speaking. Be kind and respectful to fellow classmates.
      • No cheating. Cheating includes the use of online translators, copying homework, classwork, quizzes, tests, projects and any kind of assignment.
    • Responsibility
    • Be prepared for every class; bring your materials
    • Do your outside of class assignments and study what we covered in class
    • Strive to be an active participant in class
    • Support teamwork
    • Work hard
    • Try to speak in Spanish as much as possible... you'll never improve if you don't make an effort!
    • Have a positive attitude!


    Class procedures

    • Enter the class silently and go directly to your seat
    • Start working on your warm up
    • If you finish early, please proof read your work and you may borrow a Spanish reading book (one student at a time)
    • Bring all required materials to class
    • 3 ring binder with paper
    • Pencil, pen 
    • Wait for teacher to dismiss you, not the bell! Prior to dismissal, all students will be asked to clean the area around his/her desk, place trash and other litter in the trashcan and readjust seat/desk in its place.



    Consequences for not following class rules

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Talk with teacher
    3. Parent conference (email, phone, in person)
    4. Referral to Assistant Principal
Last Modified on August 20, 2019