• AP Language & Composition
     Grading Categories:
    • Writing
    • Reading
    • Vocabulary/Grammar
    • Class Work/Homework
    • Formal Assessments
     Grade Book Codes for Clarity:
    • X = Exempt
    • T = Submitted, Not Yet Graded
    • Z = Zero Until Submitted
    • 0 = Can No Longer be Submitted for Credit 

    All written work must be in complete sentences with correct grammar, punctuation, etc. Work completed which does not follow this expectation may result in a deduction of points.

    Late papers/projects will be penalized a letter grade per day late – not class period (this includes weekends). Homework will be graded for completion and effort, to the satisfaction of the teacher, and is due at the beginning of class. Work that is incomplete will receive reduced credit. Late homework will not receive credit.

    I do not accept e-mailed papers, projects, homework assignments, etc.

    Accessing Class Work:

    All class assignments, handouts, and daily agendas are available on our Google Classroom page. Grammar Practice and Quizzes are accessible on NoRedInk.com. Your student has a login for both of these sites.

    Please ask your child to share his or her login information with you so that you may access class assignments should the need arise.  Additionally, students are welcome to stop by my classroom at any time to pick up extra copies of class handouts.

Last Modified on August 29, 2018