• Seventh Grade English Grading Policy 2017-18

    Grading Policy:

    The 7th grade English department grading policy is that summative assignments, such as unit tests, count for 90% of the grade, and formative assignments, such as homework/classwork practice, quizzes, and checkpoints, count for 10% of the grade.

    Summative tests may be eligible for retakes based on the following requirements. Formative grades are final.

    English Retake Requirements:

    Students may be eligible for a retake at the teacher’s discretion it they receive an overall summative assessment score of 69% or below (D or F).

    Overall summative assessment score of 69% or below (D or F) = Students have the option to retake section(s) of the test if the meet all the conditions listed below.

    Overall summative assessment score of 70% or above (C, B or A) = No Retake.

    Conditions for retake:

    • All classwork, homework, study guides, and other assignments fully completed by teacher assigned due date
    • Test retake form signed by parent
    • Test corrections / re -teaching must be completed and mistakes will be analyzed according to teacher direction, by agreed upon deadline
    • Any other requirements from the teacher
      • The teacher and student may make a plan for revisiting which could include: during class, sessions before school, after school, during resource, or with another English teacher.

    The retake will be given by the date of the next summative, as designated by the teacher or no retake will be offered.

    Teachers reserve the right to refuse the retake option – some reasons may include:

    • inadequate preparation
    • students trying to raise grade due to careless errors made rather than conceptual issues

    The highest grade attained will be the grade entered.

    Students who are eligible for a retake and DO NOT follow the steps above by the deadline will not be allowed to complete the retake.

    In addition to the criteria listed above, students may be eligible for a maximum of two summative assessment retakes during the first semester and two summative assessment retakes during the second semester.