• Seventh Grade English Grading Policy 2019-2020


    Grading Policy:

    The 7th grade English department grading policy is that summative assignments, such as unit tests, count for 90% of the grade, and formative assignments, such as homework/classwork practice, quizzes, and checkpoints, count for 10% of the grade. 

    Summative tests may be eligible for retakes based on the following requirements.


    English Retake Requirements:

    Students may be eligible for a retake if they receive an overall summative assessment score of 79% or below.

    Overall summative assessment scores of 79% or below = Students have the option to retake section(s) of the test if they meet all of the conditions listed below. 

    Overall summative assessment score of 80% or above (C, B or A) = No Retake.

    Conditions for retake:

    • All classwork, homework, study guides, and other assignments fully completed 
    • Test retake form signed by parent  
    • Test corrections/re-teaching must be completed and mistakes will be analyzed according to teacher direction, by agreed upon deadline
    • Any other requirements from the teacher
      • The teacher and student may make a plan for revisiting which could include: during class, sessions before or after school, during resource, or with another English teacher. 

    The highest grade attained can be no more than 80%.