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Ms. Saunders

  I am excited to be starting my seventh year at Eagle Ridge Middle School.  I received my BA degree in English from the University of Virginia in 1987.  My first career was in the non-profit sector where I worked primarily in marketing and communications.  My love of learning brought me to a second career in teaching.  I began with a teaching position at Stone Hill Middle School where I taught 8th grade English and 7th grade Communications. Currently, I am earning a masters degree in Educational Leadership from George Mason University.  

   My hope is to help inspire in every student a recognition of their own gifts and talents that will lead them to a successful, happy life.  The skills students will learn in English are skills that they will use for the rest of their lives, not only to communicate with the world around them, but to analyze and solve problems skillfully and creatively.  My goal is to not only provide them meaningful learning experiences, but to present these lessons in a way that students are able to relate to them and use them for their own growth and development for many years to come. Students are expected to learn to work together and respect each others skills and talents--collavorative learning and personalized learning will be a key ingredient in my classroom.

    Phoenix is the best tool to use throughout the school year to stay current.  Should you have other questions, please feel free to email me.  Here's to a great year!

 Noted below is my email and schedule.

 8:35 - 10:03      First/Fifth Block - English Honors/Academics

10:08 - 11:36    Second/Sixth Block - English Honors/Academics

11:41 - 1:50      Third/Seventh Block (with lunch) - CT Planning/English Academics

1:55 - 3:23        Fourth/Eighth Block - English Honors/IT Planning


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