• Academies of Loudoun Admissions - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1.  Are the Admissions Information Nights open to anyone?

    Fall Admissions

    The information nights are intended for current 8th grade students and their parents (who reside in Loudoun County) so that they can find out more about the fall admission cycle for 9th grade entry into AET and AOS programs. See website for schedule. 

    Winter Admissions

    The information nights are intended for current 9th, 10th and 11th grade students and their parents (who reside in Loudoun County) so that they can find out more about the winter admission cycle for 10th, 11th, or 12th grade entry into Advanced AET and MATA programs. See website for schedule.  

    1.  Are the programs 2 years or 4 years?

    Please review the “When to apply” document for program commitment and admissions criteria information 

    1.  What is the testing schedule for admissions?

    Please review the Fall Admissions Timelines and Winter Admissions Timelines found on our website.   

    1.  Are Accommodations offered for testing?

    Students who are requesting testing accommodations for the STEM Thinking Skills Assessment and/or the Writing Assessment must request the accommodations in writing to AcademiesAdmissions@lcps.org no later than 12pm (noon) on October 23, 2020 for Fall Testing and 12pm (noon) on February 18, 2021 for Winter Testing.

    Important: Only accommodations for standardized assessments that are part of an IEP (Individualized Education Program), Section 504 Plan, or an EL-APP (English Learner Assessment Participation Plan) can be considered.

    TEAS (Practical Nursing) - No accommodations are offered 

    1. Do students applying to both AET and AOS take the same assessments? 

    Yes, all students who have applied to the AET and/or the AOS Academy will take the STEM Thinking Skills Assessment and a Writing Assessment. Students will need to schedule only one testing session for both assessments. See website for assessment schedule. 

    1.  Where can I find information about the STEM Thinking Skills Assessment? 

    More information about the STEM Thinking Skills Assessment can be found at Insight Assessment, https://www.insightassessment.com/Products

    1.  Are Academies of Loudoun courses honors courses?

    All AET and AOS courses are honors level courses and are “weighted” by adding 0.5 to the point value for the grade. Academies of Loudoun AP and dual enrollment courses are weighted at 1.0.  Please see the LCPS High School Program of Studies, http://www.lcps.org/Page/164077  for more information about course weighting, high school courses and GPA.

    1.  My student has completed Geometry and is currently enrolled in Algebra II/Trig. Will they be required to take the mathematics course again if they attend the AET or AOS as a 9thgrader? 

    The entry level of mathematics at the AOS is Analytic Geometry, Functions, and Trigonometry with Transformations. The AET mathematics course for the 9th& 10th grade cohort is Integrated Mathematics 1 & 2 and includes algebraic, trigonometric and pre-calculus concepts. All students entering the Academies of Loudoun programs will be enrolled in cohort programs with the same level of mathematics. The sequencing of the AET mathematics courses is determined by the content in the three AET pathways and is very different than the sequencing in other LCPS mathematics courses.

    1.  Can students submit other information as part of the admissions process? 

    No, students cannot submit anything other than the criteria listed for the Academies of Loudoun admissions process.

    1.  Can students attend two Academies programs at the same time? 

    No, students can only participate in one of the STEM magnet programs. All AET, AOS and MATA students must work toward the completion of their high school diploma and complete courses at their home school in addition to the courses for the AET, AOS and MATA programs.

    1.  The AET Information Technology course progression includes AP Computer Science. This course is listed as a science credit in the AET pathway. How is it possible to receive a science credit for this course? 

    In order to credit AP Computer Science as a science credit, the curriculum must include a significant experimental component. Experimental research and engineering design experiences are all important elements in the AET curriculum and the students will be engaged in these experiences frequently as they move through the program. Please see the Virginia Department of Education Superintendent’s Memo #022-15 for more information about the Use of Computer Science Courses to Satisfy Graduation Requirements

    1.  Biology is not listed as one of the courses in any of the AET pathways. When will students take Biology?

    Biology is not offered as one of the courses at the AET at this time. Students can choose to take it at their home school, through Virtual Loudoun or as a summer school offering. Admitted students will need to work closely with their home school counseling office to create a 4-year high school plan for graduation. The AET counselor will assist with the process.


    If you have further admissions related questions, please email us at: