• 7th Grade U.S. History Quarterly Agenda


    1st Quarter:  

    Introduction to Course

    Diagnostic #1  August

    Geography (USII.1b, 1i; USII.2c) Sept. 8th and 11th  

    Reconstruction and Aftermath (USII.3, USII.4c)  Sept. 22nd and 25th   

    Westward Expansion (USII.2a & b, 4a) Oct 11th and 12th   


    2nd Quarter:

    Rise of Big Business (USII.2b & 4d) Nov. 28th and 29th 

    Immigration and Growth of Cities (USII.4b) Nov. 28th and 29th  

    Progressive Era (USII.4e)  Jan. 2nd and 3rd  

    Imperialism (USII.5a & b) Jan. 11th and 12th  

    Geography Bee Dec/Jan

    Diagnostic #2  January


    3rd Quarter

    World War I (USII.5c) Feb. 7th and 8th  

    Roaring Twenties (USII.6a-c) Mar. 8th and 9th

    Depression & New Deal (USII.6d) Mar. 8th and 9th


    4th Quarter

    World War II (USII.7a-c) April 18th and 19th

    Diagnostic #3 April  20th and 23rd

    Post-WW II Changes (USII.8a, b, & d)  and  Cold War (USII.8c) May 18th and 21st

    Civil Rights (USII.8d & 9a) May 31st and June 1st   

    Social Changes of the Late 20th Century/Post-Cold War (USII.8e, 9b-d)

    June 6th and 7th