• Procedures for behind-the-wheel registration:


    1. To be eligible for behind the wheel students must have their learner's permit and have attended the partners for safe teen driving presentation.


    1. Forms may be picked up in the guidance office.


    1. Forms are returned to the guidance office with a check for $225.00 made out to "Briar Woods High School"


    1. The students name is then added to the bottom of the behind-the-wheel list.


    1. Students will be contacted by a behind-the-wheel instructor when their name reaches the top of the list. 




    Procedures for behind-the-wheel instruction:


    1. A schedule will be established by the behind the wheel instructor for two behind-the-wheel students.


    1. Students must bring their learner's permit to every behind the wheel session.


    1. Cell phones are PROHIBITED during the in car sessions.


    1. Behind-the-wheel will last 7 days.  Each session is two hours consisting of one hour driving, one hour observing.


    1. The last day of behind-the-wheel will be the road skills test.


    1. Students who have held their learner's permit for nine months and passed the road skills test will receive their 180 day provisional driver's license.


    1. Parents must meet with the behind the wheel instructor after the road skills test to review paper work and sign the student's provisional driver’s license.


    1. The students will be contacted by the juvenile court with a time and date to attend their licensing ceremony. At that time the student will receive their permanent driver's license.