• English 8 Grading Policy
    Student grades will be based on a variety of formative and summative assessments. Grades will be posted on Phoenix regularly. Please note that dates of assignments within Phoenix are subject to change.

    At JML, we believe that children should be able to show their knowledge of content in many ways.  We also believe that it is our responsibility to instill solid study habits and ownership of learning in our students.  This year, the following procedures will be in place regarding the re-teaching and re-testing of material.

    1. a)       If a student scores an 86% or above on a summative assessment, they are not eligible for a retake.  They have shown they understand the content substantially and can move onto the next unit. 
    2. b)      If a student scores between a 70%-86% on a summative, they are eligible for a retake, but the highest they can score on the new summative is an 86%.  Optional retakes must be initiated by the student and follow the teacher’s directions for completing a re-teaching session and scheduling the new assessment.  Only one retake per summative will be allowed.
    3. c)      If a student scores below a 70%, it is the teacher’s responsibility to schedule a re-teaching session and give the child a retake, and the new assessment will also have a cap of 86%. Only one retake per summative will be allowed.

    Quiz and Test Retake Procedure:  

    1. All formative assessments and study guides must have been completed on time. 
    2. Tell the teacher that they would like to retake the assessment.
    3. Attend the scheduled re-teach session 
    4. Retake the assessment within a two week window 

    Projects and Essays: 

    Students will receive teacher feedback throughout the drafting process regarding necessary revisions. Students are expected to incorporate the revisions into their final projects and essays. Therefore, final projects and essays that earn a grade 70 or above are not eligible for retakes.


Last Modified on August 29, 2017