Welcome to 8th Grade Band!

    8th Grade Band Students will need instruments and books by week 2 of Band. 
    - 1 inch BLACK Binder and plastic sheet covers.
    - Pencils 
    - This years book is Habits of a Successful Middle School Musician (it is black and gold).  We will use this book for scales, warm-ups, and sight reading.  It is VERY important you have it each class.  Percussion, you will need to get the mallet book, and I will supplement the percussion book.  Music will be supplied for you in class. 
    8th Grade Band Students will use the instrument they rented/bought from previous years. 
    Please refer to the instrument supplies tab for specific information about what should be included.
    8th Grade Percussion students also need to have a stick bag, with both snare drum sticks, soft yarn & medium mallets, and timpani sticks. (if we come back to hybrid or in-person instruction)
    - Snare sticks: Vic Firth SD1 Generals
    - Soft yarn mallets: Innovative IP240
    - Medium mallets: Malletech BB34
    - Timpani mallets: Vic Firth T1
    *You can purchase the above materials as a pack, that costs lest than buying them separately. Here's that link*
Foundations for Superior Performance