• Academies of Loudoun Admissions Information


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    The Academies of Loudoun has two application cycles: 


    Fall Admissions Cycle – application window for Academies of Loudoun fall 2018 admissions, 9th grade entry (for AET and AOS) 

    Winter Admissions Cycle – application window for Academies of Loudoun fall 2018 admissions, for Advanced AET (11th grade entry) and all MATA programs





    The Academies of Loudoun will hold the following admissions information sessions (fall 2018 entry, for Advanced AET/MATA applicants):


    January 4th, Thursday – Freedom HS Auditorium, 6:30-7:30

    January 17th, Wednesday – Riverside HS Auditorium, 6:30-7:30





    The Academies of Loudoun Winter Application Cycle for SY 2018-19 will open in early January


    The Admissions Portal can be accessed at https://webinter.lcps.org/AcademiesOfLoudounAdmissionPortal/LoginStudent

    (Please note that Chrome and/or IE are the preferred browsers, FireFox does not work well with the Admissions Portal)


    IMPORTANT:  The Admissions Portal is a student use system, and should be accessed by students with their LCPS student ID and password.


    Applicants to the Academies of Loudoun can check their application status, view emails, print testing tickets and update their application by logging on to the Admissions Portal https://webinter.lcps.org/AcademiesOfLoudounAdmissionPortal/Splash







    PSAT Accommodations Information


    Please Click Here




    CCTDI/CCTST-N Accommodations Information

    Students who are requesting testing accommodations for the CCTDI or CCTST-N must request the accommodations in writing, to AOLAdmissions@lcps.org, no later than 12pm (noon) on Jan 11, 2018. Important Note: Only accommodations for standardized assessments that are part of an IEP or 504 Plan can be considered.




    Admission Information for Private and Home-School Students


    Private and Home-School Instructions




    If you have admissions related questions, please check out the admissions FAQ or email us at: