• Classwork and Homework 2017-2018



    May 22/23
    1.  Warm Up: Map of U.S.--powerpoint
    2.  Gallery Walk--gallery walk--chart
    4.  Begin recruitment poster (directions in ppt!)
    Homework: Finish recruitment poster 
    May 18/21
    1.  Warm Up: Visual Discovery--powerpoint 
    2.  Prepare for press conference on the eve of the Civil War
    3.  Press conference--chart 
    4.  Begin letter to Abe Lincoln
    Homework: Finish letter (directions in ppt!) 
    May 16/17
    1.  Warm Up: N/S diagrams--powerpoint
    2.  Simulation/discussion/video clips: How did the North and South compromise on slavery before the war?
    3.  Create political cartoon
    *video clips from The Abolitionists--available on amazon 
    Homework: finish political cartoon (directions in ppt!) 
    May 11/14
    1.  Warm Up: Use spokes diagrams to fill in chart--powerpoint
    2.  View spokes diagrams, fill in other side of North/South info and chart
    3.  Review differences between north and south
    4.  In groups: read about people with different opinions on slavery-chart--info
    5.  Line up: most for slavery, most against slavery
    6.  Begin slavery spectrum
    Homework: slavery spectrum (directions in ppt!) 
    May 9/10
    1.  Warm Up: What is a civil war?--powerpoint 
    2.  Video clip: Why would people in the same country fight against each other?
    3.  In groups: Create spokes diagram of one region--North/South info and chart
    Homework: None 
    May 7/8
    1.  Warm Up: Abolitionist poster--powerpoint
    Homework: None!
    May 3/4
    1.  Warm Up: Slavery Memorial--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: Travel through the South--stations--chart
    3.  Begin journal entry
    Homework: finish journal entry 
    May 1/2
    1.  Warm Up: What is slavery?--powerpoint 
    2.  Read aloud/pictures: Middle Passage (if you were absent, just look it up!)
    3.  Video clip
    4.  Begin rat observation
    Homework: Finish rat observation (directions in ppt!) 
    April 27/30
    1.  Warm Up: View memorials--powerpoint
    2.  Women's suffrage quiz
    3.  Discuss suffrage leaders/listen to quotes/respond
    4.  Begin sensory figure
    Homework: Finish sensory figure (directions in ppt!)
    April 25/26
    1.  Warm Up: 1 fact about your tribe
    2.  Finish memorials
    Homework: None
    April 23-24
    1.  Warm Up: Map of NA territory--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: Create a memorial to honor your tribe
    Homework: None
    April 17-20
    Wrap up: To Stay Alive
    Assignment is on google classroom!
    April 13/16
    1.  Warm Up: Finish preparing mini dramas--powerpoint
    3.  Perform mini-dramas--notes
    4.  Begin poem (A Days)
    5.  Continue listening: To Stay Alive
    Homework: finish poem (A Days only)
    April 11/12
    1.  Warm Up:  Share danger sign--powerpoint
    3.  Continue listening: To Stay Alive
    Homework: None!
    April 6/10
    1.  Warm Up: Mary Anne's hardships--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: look at placards, fill in dangers on the Oregon Trail--map
    3.  Discuss dangers on the trail 
    4.  Create "Danger Sign"
    Homework: Finish danger sign (directions in ppt) 
    April 4/5
    1.  Warm Up: Territorial Map--powerpoint
    2.  Individually: Read about a person living during Mexican-American War
    3.  Travel around America: Here different points of view on the war
    4.  Discuss map
    5.  Continue To Stay Alive
    Homework: None!
    March 23/April 3
    1.  Warm Up: Share newspaper headlines--powerpoint
    2.  Video: Texas Independence 
    3.  Continue listening: To Stay Alive
    Homework: Happy Spring Break!!
    March 21, 22--SNOW DAYS!
    March 19/20
    1.  Warm Up: Visual Discovery--powerpoint
    2.  Manifest Destiny reading
    3.  Create newspaper headlines (directions in ppt!)
    4.  Introduce To Stay Alive, begin listening
    Homework: None!
    March 15/16
    1.  Warm Up: Study!--powerpoint 
    2.  Take Test 
    3.  Work on Westward Expansion Title Page (directions in ppt!) 
    Homework: Finish title page  
    March 13/14
    1.  Warm Up: Five presidents review--powerpoint
    2.  Work on study guides
    3.  Grungeball 3.0
    Homework: Test and study guide due Thursday (B Days) and Friday (A Days)
    March 9/12
    1.  Warm Up: 3 branches review--powerpoint
    2.  Gallery Walk of the first five presidents--chart--gallery walk
    3.  Begin "Time: Person of the Year"
    4.  Pass out study guide 
    Homework: Test on Thursday (B Days) and Friday (A Days), study guide due on test day, finish "person of the year" 
    March 7/8
    1.  Warm Up: Government Vocab--powerpoint
    2.  Discuss 3 branches of government--chart
    3.  3 branches game
    4.  Work on visual metaphor 
    Homework:  Finish metaphor  


    March 6 (A Day)

    1.  Warm Up: Compromises--powerpoint
    2.  Class Discussion/Notes: Compromises at the Convention
    3.  Journal Entry (how would history have been different if Native Americans, women, African Americans, and poor whites had been allowed to attend the convention--record your thoughts)
    Homework: None



    March 5 (B Day)

    1.  Warm Up: Make name tags--powerpoint 
    2.  Prepare for Convention/build alliances
    3.  Hold Convention
    4.  Vote
    5.  Debrief
    Homework: None 



    March 1 (B Day)

    1.  Warm Up: Compromises--powerpoint
    2.  Class Discussion/Notes: Compromises at the Convention
    3.  Prepare for Convention--information on different social groups
    Homework: Convention speech (directions in ppt)



    Feb 27/28

    1.  Warm Up: Share Letters--powerpoint

    2.  Discuss features of the Articles of Confederation--chart

    3.  Look at paintings/discuss Constitutional Convention--reading

    4.  Begin invitation (directions in ppt)


    Homework: Finish invitation



    Feb 23/26

    1.  Warm Up:  What is government?--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: prepare for press conference
    3.  Press Conference
    4.  Begin letter to a founding father
    Homework:  finish letter (directions in ppt!)


    Feb 21/22 

    1.  Warm Up: Treaty of Paris--powerpoint
    2.  Set up timelines--instructions
    3.  Timeline work time
    Homework: Timeline due Friday (B Day) and Monday (A Days)
    Feb 16/20
    1.  Warm Up: Why is each army fighting?--powerpoint
    2.  Tug of War
    3.  Debrief tug of war
    4.  Read about each army/teach each other--chart
    5.  Paragraph 
    Homework: None 
    Feb 14/15
    1.  Warm Up: Prepare for ntbk check--powerpoint
    2.  Perform skits/fill in chart/listen to songs 
    Homework: None! 
    Feb 12/13
    1.  Warm Up: Battle Paintings--powerpoint
    2.  Create battle skits
    Homework: Notebook check Friday (B Days) and Tuesday (A Days)! 
    Feb 6/9 
    1.  Warm Up: Join or Die cartoon--powerpoint
    2.  Video clips/notes on Declaration--notes
    3.  Shared read of Declaration 
    4.  Begin letter
    Homework: Finish letter
    Feb 2 (B Day)
    1.  Warm Up: Perspectives--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: represent the perspective of a revolutionary person--Abigail Adams perspectiveCrispus Attucks perspectiveKing George perspective
    3.  Begin acrostic poem
    Homework: Finish poem
    Jan 31/Feb 1
    1.  Warm Up: Reminder of movie events--powerpoint
    2.  Finish movie
    3.  Begin storyboard
    Homework: Finish storyboard
    Jan 26/30
    1.  Warm Up: Unrest review--powerpoint
    2.  Go over unrest chart
    3.  Movie: Johnny Tremain
    Homework: None!
    Jan 24/25
    1.  Warm Up: which situation causes the most unrest?--powerpoint
    2.  Stations: Colonial Unrest--chart--unrest o meter--placards
    Homework: None
    Jan 22/23
    1.  Warm Up: Vocab words--powerpoint
    2.  Review Quiz
    3.  Revolutionary songs
    Homework: Finish vocab pictures
    Jan 18/19
    1.  Warm Up: 3 Facts--powerpoint
    2.  Pictures/discussion: Tension increases b/w England and Colonies--notes
    3.  Begin political cartoon
    Homework: finish political cartoon (directions in ppt!)
    Jan 16/17
    1.  Warm Up: Study
    2.  Take quiz
    3.  Read about Revolutionary People
    Homework: None!
    Jan 11/12
    1.  Warm Up: Color map--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: sort people in the colonies--handout
    3.  Work on study guide
    4.  Grungeball!
    Homework: Colonies Quiz and study guide due Tuesday (B Days) and Wednesday (A Days)!
    Jan 9/10
    1.  Warm Up: How to make your dinner party successful--powerpoint
    2.  Final preparations
    3.  Hold dinner parties
    Homework: None!
    Jan 8: SNOW DAY!
    Jan 5: SNOW DAY!
    Jan 4: SNOW DAY!  A Day dinner party rescheduled for Monday!
    Jan 2/3
    1.  Warm Up: Colonies review--powerpoint
    2.  Dinner party prep
    Homework: Dinner party Thursday (A days) and Friday (B Days)!  Bring your finished placemat and party favors OR food!
    Dec 14/15
    1.  Warm Up: Winter break
    2.  Dinner party preparations
    Homework: Have a great break!
    Dec 12/13
    1.  Warm Up: Share journal entries--powerpoint
    2.  Geography Bee!
    3.  Introduce Colonial Dinner
    4.  Work time

    Homework:  Get permission slip signed
    Dec 8/11
    1.  Warm Up: Highlights from last class--powerpoint
    2.  Introduce "life in the colonies journal"
    3.  Write rough draft
    4.  Begin final draft (turned in in google classroom)
    Homework: Final draft due by next class
    Dec 6/7
    1.  Warm Up: Colonies Trivia--powerpoint
    2.  Gallery Walk--chart---gallery walk place cards 
    Homework:  None!
    Dec 4/5
    1.  Warm Up: How do humans adapt to their enviornments?--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: look at pictures/take notes
    3.  Begin annotated diagram (directions in ppt)
    Homework: Finish diagrams
    Nov 30/Dec 1
    1.  Warm Up: Colonies vocab--powerpoint
    2.  Look at paintings/discuss--reading
    3.  Create "facial features"
    4.  Video: America the Story of Us 
    Homework: Finish "facial features" and vocab 
    Nov 28/29
    1.  Warm Up: Why did settlers come to America?--powerpoint
    2.  Video Clip: Roanoke Island
    3.  In groups: Look at clues (Clue Set 1Clue Set 2Clue Set 3 make hypotheses--notes
    4.  Begin Roanoke Diagram
    Homework: Finish Diagram
    Nov 21/27 
    1.  Warm Up: Set up notebook for video--powerpoint
    Homework: None
    Nov 17/20
    1.  Warm Up: Study!--powerpoint
    2.  Take Test
    3.  Work on 13 colonies title page (directions in ppt!)
    Homework: Finish title page 
    Nov 15/16
    1.  Warm Up: Finish historical heads--powerpoint
    2.  View historical heads, fill in chart--completed chart
    3.  T-chart: benefits and costs of exploration
    4.  Paragraph: was exploration worth it?
    5.  Work on study guide
    Homework: Test on Friday (A Days) and Monday (B Days); study guide due on test day!
    Nov 13/14
    1.  Warm Up: Color Map--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: Begin historical heads
    3.  Pass out study guide
    Homework: test on Friday (A Days) and Monday (B Days)
    Nov 9/10
    1.  Warm Up: Prepare for trial--powerpoint
    2.  Trial
    3.  Begin pie chart
    Homework: finish pie chart (directions in ppt!)



    Nov 3/8

    1.  Warm Up: Share ship logs--powerpoint
    2.  Class Discussion: Columbus
    3.  Video Clip
    4.  Reading: Columbus
    5.  Prepare for trial 
    Homework: None! 
    Nov 1/2
    1.  Warm Up: Where have we been? Where are we going?--powepoint
    2.  In groups: Would you explore?
    3.  Present decision to the class
    4.  Notes: Motivations and Obstacles
    5.  Begin ship log 
    Homework: finish ship log
    Oct 30/31
    1.  Warm Up: Experiences voting--powerpoint
    2.  Vote for SCA
    3.  Work on NA essay
    4.  Begin Exploration title page 
    Homework: Finish title page, notebook check Thursday (B Days) and Friday (A Days)!
    Oct 26/27
    1.  Warm Up: Color Map--powerpoint
    2.  Present projects
    3.  Discuss final NA assignment
    4.  NA crafts
    Homework: Prepare for essay!--instructions
    Oct 24/25
    Work on projects!
    Homework: None!
    Oct 18/19
    1.  Warm Up: Cultural Traits--powerpoint
    2.  Project work time
    Homework: None!
    Oct 13/16
    1.  Warm Up: Recycled materials--powerpoint
    2.  Short video: At the winter ice camp 
    3.  Discuss igloo construction 
    4.  Introduce Native American Culture Project
    5.  Project work time
    Homework: None!
    Oct 11/12
    1.  Warm Up:  Arctic Animal--powerpoint
    2.  Vocab: Resources  
    3.  In groups: Design a Netsilik Sled
    4.  Share sled designs
    5.  Video: How the Netsilik build a sled
    Oct 6/10
    1.  Warm Up: Cultural Traits of the Netsilik--powerpoint
    2.  Video: Fishing  at the Stone Weir: https://www.nfb.ca/film/fishing_at_stone_weir_pt_1/
    3.  Create Storyboard
    4.  Begin reading "The Arctic"
    Homework: Finish Storyboard;  Read "The Arctic," write 5 facts about the Arctic environment on page 22 of your notebook.
    Oct 4/5
    1.  Warm Up: What is Culture?--powerpoint
    2.  Class Discussion: What is your culture?
    3.  Introduce Netsilik Culture--notes
    Homework:  Archaeology project due Friday (A Days) and Tues (B Days)--(7th block skip this!)
    Oct 2/3
    1.  Warm Up:  Oldest artifacts?--powerpoint
    2.  Video: When did the first humans arrive?--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9ZufQDYEJE
    3.  Go over video questions 
    4.  Create visual describing how and when the first humans arrived in America
    Homework:  Project due Thursday Oct 5 (B Days) and Friday Oct 6 (A Days);  Finish visual--instructions
    Sept 28/29
    1.  Warm Up: What's in the bag?--powerpoint
    2.  Discuss archaeology
    3.  Brainstorm: artifacts in 2016 
    4.  Paragraph: what do these artifacts tell us about life in 2017?
    5.  Introduce archaeology project: Trash Project
    Homework:  Finish paragraph, Project due Thursday Oct 5 (B Days) and Friday Oct 6 (A Days)

    Sept 26/27
    1.  Warm Up: Study!--powerpoint
    2.  Geography Test
    3.  Work on title page  
    Homework: Finish title page, brochure due Thursday (A Days) and Friday (B Days)!
    Sept 22/25
    1.  Warm Up: vocab pictures--powerpoint
    2.  Go over geography vocab 
    4.  GRUNGEBALL!!
    --Georgraphy test on Tuesday (A Days) and Wednesday (B Days)--study guide
    --Brochure due on Thursday (A Days) and Friday (B Days)
    Sept 20/21
    1.  Warm Up: Regions Detective
    2.  Class Discussion: Natural Areas
    --Georgraphy test on Tuesday (A Days) and Wednesday (B Days)--study guide
    --Brochure due on Thursday (A Days) and Friday (B Days)
    Sept 18/19
    1.  Warm Up: How do humans use water?--powepoint
    2.  Notes: Waterways in American History,  Map of waterways
    3.  In groups: Create a river community
    Homework: None!
    Sept 14/15
    1.  Warm Up: Color regions map--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: Look at pictures, guess your region
    3.  Share your region, take notes
    Homework:  None




    Sept 12/13

    1.  Warm Up: Elevation Map--powerpoint
    2.  Mountains brainstorm
    3.  Mountains notes/ pictures
    4.  Mountain songs
    5.  Begin hikers journal 
    Homework: finish hikers journal!
    Sept 8/11
    1.  Warm Up: Timeline reflection--powerpoint
    2.  Color continents and oceans map 
    3.  Continents  and oceans review questions  
    4.  Map game!
    Homework: None
    Sept 6/7 
    1.  Warm Up: 6th Grade--powerpoint 
    2.  Class Discussion: What do historians do?
    3.  Begin personal timelines 
    Homework: Finish timeline 




    Sept 1/5

    1.  Warm Up: Why study history?--powerpoint

    2.  Class Discussion-History

    3.  Notebook setup

    4.  Begin Timelines--brainstorm

    Homework: Finish brainstorming "Five Events"



    Aug 30/31

    1.  Warm Up: Think back to 5th grade--powerpoint

    2.  Write hopes and goals for 6th grade--goals handout

    3.  Create Class Rules

    4.  Human Knot

    Homework: None!




    Aug 28/29

    1.  Warm Up: Make nametags--powerpoint

    2.  Reminder of procedures

    3.  Share nametags

    4.  Go over "Interactive Notebook Guidelines"

    5.  BINGO!

    Homework: get "Interactive Notebook Guidelines" signed.



    August 24/25

    1.  Warm Up: Dot Game--powerpoint

    2.  Introductions

    3.  Name Game

    4.  Go over Course Overview

    Homework: Get course overview signed