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    Helpful tips for language learners:

    • Study and review daily. Ten to fifteen minutes can greatly improve your grades and understanding.
    • Make flashcards for vocabulary or practice on Quizlet.com. I create the sets for each unit.
    • Practice conjugation.
    • Please, try not to use translation tools. It is not helpful or always accurate. Instead try to apply what you learn in class and you will see the progress.


    Interesting Links to learn and practice Spanish at home: 

    • Google Website: All students and parents can access this year to the class website where it will be easy to find the class documents, teacher created materials, and useful resources and videos to help students during the year for each unit. 
    • Google Classroom: The first week of class you will receive the class code to join your class/block! All students need to join the Google Classroom website. Parents interested are welcome to ask for invitation. Here find daily agenda with the documents needed for each class. Communicate with your teacher and classmates. If absent, students are responsible to check Google Classroom to review missed content, and make up work for the class.
    • Quizlet.com: Free for all students. Great tool to practice vocabulary, spelling, and listening. Your teacher will post one or more sets for each unit, but you can also create your own. Download the free mobile apps or work on the computer. Practice vocabulary with flashcards, games, test yourself, and get ready for quizzes in class. If you don’t have an account yet, create one using your name so I can track your progress. 
    • Realidades online: Excellent resource for extra practice at home. We are not using textbooks for Spanish courses. However, most of the curriculum is aligned with Realidades. With these links, you can practice at home and improve a lot your grammar, reading and listening comprehension. 
    • Word Referene.com: Is an online dictionary. Use this resource to expand your vocabulary, check conjugation, and synonyms. You may want to use the free mobile App. http://www.wordreference.com/
    • Conjugemos.com: Friendly site to practice conjugation and grammar through games, activities, listening and much more. Find the Spanish link on the left/bottom side of the page. This year students will receive accounts for this website.  https://conjuguemos.com/
    • This is language.com: All students will have an account for this website. We will use if for class work and homework. Is is a great place to practice listening and grammar using fun and interactive games. https://www.thisislanguage.com/
    • Kahoot.com:  We will use this website in class to practice content. Be ready to have fun while you learn. 
    • StudySpanish.com: Free Spanish tutorials for multiple levels, from beginners to advance. 
    • http://www.studyspanish.com/tutorial.htm
    • pdictionary.com: For Visual learners, this Internet Picture Dictionary has lots of images, with games and activities to improve vocabulary in Spanish. http://www.pdictionary.com/spanish/
    • RockALingua.com: Learn Spanish singing… Some free fun musical in Spanish https://rockalingua.com/
    • Duolingo.com: This is a free language learning platform that will help you expand the use of the language beyond the classroom. It’s really simple to use. You set up a profile, choose your target language, set your weekly goals (only if you’re brave enough) and off you go! https://www.duolingo.com/


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