• Week 37!

    Posted by Jamie Wheelbarger on 5/17/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week. 


    This week in math, we began our measurement unit. We practiced using nonstandard units to measure different objects. We will continue with our measurement unit next week. 


    In writing, we have been practicing writing and identifying complete sentences. The students know that in order for a sentence to be complete, it must begin with a capital letter, end with punctuation, and make sense. We will continue working on writing complete sentences next week. 


    We finished up with our DRA testing this week. I am so impressed with the hard work that the students have put in this year! Their reading levels are proof that they are super readers!


    We will stick with our 'sl, gl' and 'pl' words through next week and test on Friday. This will be the last set of word study words for the year! Crazy!


    We had our plants test today and will begin maps next week in social studies. 


    Upcoming dates:

    Monday, May 27th: Memorial Day; No school 

    Monday, June 3rd: House Day-make sure students wear their house color! 

    Tuesday, June 4th: Field Day-here is the link for field day volunteers if you'd like to join us for a fun-filled day!


    Thursday, June 6th: End of Year Party, 1:30-2:15

    Friday, June 7th: Last day of school


    Have a great weekend!


    ~Mrs. Wheelbarger 

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  • Week 36!

    Posted by Jamie Wheelbarger on 5/10/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week. 


    We wrapped up our money unit this week and although I was planning to start measurement, we began some end of the year testing in math in small groups. We will begin our measurement unit next week instead of this week. 


    We worked on a surprise for moms in writing this week-you'll get to see it on Sunday! Some didn't get to finish, so if they appear to be sneakily working on something, this might be it ;)


    We continued working on different comprehension strategies this week in reading. We will be DRA and PALS testing in the coming days, so I am super excited to see the students put all of their awesome strategies to work.


    We tested on our 's' blend words today. Next week, their words will be from the 'sl, gl, pl' word families. 


    We started our plants unit in Science and will continue through next week. 


    Our end of the year class party will be Thursday, June 6th from 1:30-2:15. Please do NOT park in the bus loop if you plan to join us!


    I hope everyone has a great weekend and that all of you AMAZING mothers get spoiled on Sunday!! 


    ~Mrs. Wheelbarger 





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  • Week 35!

    Posted by Jamie Wheelbarger on 5/3/2019 3:15:00 PM

    Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week. 


    This week in math, we continued with our money unit. We will test on Monday and then begin our measurement unit. I cannot believe we are about to begin our LAST math unit of the year-crazy!!


    We wrapped up our poetry unit in writing this week. Next, we will review complete sentences, puncutation, and using capital letters appropriately. 


    We tested on our 's' chunk words today and will have another set of 's' chunk words next week---'sc, sm, sl, sw'.


    In readers workshop, the students are working on different ways to better understand their books (comprehension strategies). They have learned to check to make sure they're getting it, make a movie in their minds about what is happening, and to keep track of who is talking. We will continue working on comprehension strategies through the end of the school year--this is an extremely important part of reading!


    The students had an economics assessment today. We will begin our science unit on plants next week. 


    I think the field trip yesterday was a success! I am so happy we got it in before the rain came. The kids seemed to have a great time!


    I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 


    ~Mrs. Wheelbarger 


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  • Week 34!

    Posted by Jamie Wheelbarger on 4/26/2019 2:40:00 PM

    Happy Friday! I have to tell you all, these kids handled the cancellation of the field trip SO well here and I am so proud of them for keeping a smile on their faces today despite their inner sadness :) 


    GOOD NEWS! We have rescheduled our field trip for next THURSDAY, MAY 2ND! The buses will leave school at 9:30 and return at 12:30. This means the students will be eating lunch a bit later than normal. Because of the later lunch, PLEASE pack a snack for them to eat BEFORE we leave the school in the morning that will hold them over until 12:30. When we arrive back to school, we will take the first graders outside for a picnic lunch. To make the picnic lunch more manageable, it would be great if students could bring a packed lunch from home. If that is not possible, they can still buy school lunch. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions about the field trip. I do need a new permission slip signed and returned to me due to the change of date from the original form. Please sign and return to me by Tuesday, April 29th. They were sent home today in red folders.


    We had a great week back from spring break. We started our money unit in math and learned about the penny and the nickel and counted amounts of both. We will continue with money next week and test on Friday. 


    We continued with our poetry unit this week and the students wrote a special acrostic poem for our coding teacher, Mr. Johnson, as his last day with us for the school year is next week. They also worked on poems about themselves. We will continue these next week. 


    The rockstar readers in room 3 reviewed tools for solving and checking hard words in their books this week. These kids are AMAZING readers!! I love it so much! 


    We did not test on our word study words today due to the field trip being the original plan, so we'll stick with our 's' blend words and test next week. 


    The students have been working hard being producers this week and making bookmarks to sell at the book fair next week! I can't wait to see how successful they are with their sales! They made posters to advertise their awesome products today and hung them around the school so other students can know where and when to buy them. 


    Upcoming dates:

    April 29 - May 3 - Library Bookfair

    May 2 - Field Trip to Leesburg Animal Park 


    I hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


    ~Mrs. Wheelbarger 


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  • Week 33!

    Posted by Jamie Wheelbarger on 4/12/2019 2:45:00 PM

    Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week. 


    We learned about comparing numbers in math this week and tested on place value today. The students did awesome! I have a class full of mathematicians :) When we come back from spring break, we will start our money unit. 


    We continued with our poetry unit and writing acrostic poems this week. Their published poetry books came home today-take a look at their awesome work! We will continue with different kinds of poems when we come back from spring break. 


    Please be sure to be reading over spring break! The students are showing such amazing progress and I really want for them to keep this up. I can't wait to watch all of them continue to grow in reading during the fourth quarter!


    We continued with our economics unit this week and will finish it up after spring break. 


    Today, we tested on our 'w' snap words and after spring break, the words will be 'st, sp, sk' and 'sp'. Please try to practice the words I send home weekly. Although homework is not required, it is really important that the students are getting this review, especially this week's words ('w' snap words are everywhere!), as we do test on Fridays. 


    Thank you to everyone who came out for the Epic Build! It was AMAZING and we had so many visitors checking out the great projects. These first graders are such awesome coders! We will continue to incorporate coding into our curriculum for the remainder of the school year. 


    Thank you to everyone who volunteered to chaperone our field trip. Unfortunately, due to limited space, we could not take everyone. If you'd still like to go, you can meet us there and pay the entrance fee. 


    Upcoming dates:

    April 15th-19th: Spring Break

    April 26th: First grade field trip

    April 29th-May 3rd: Book Fair


    I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful spring break! 


    ~Mrs. Wheelbarger



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  • Week 32!

    Posted by Jamie Wheelbarger on 4/5/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week. 


    This week in math, we finished up our place value unit. The students have practiced making two digit numbers and identifying how many tens and ones are in each number. Next week, we will compare numbers (greater than, less than, equal to) and take a place value & comparing numbers test next Friday. 


    We started our poetry unit in writing and the students are working on acrostic poems. They have been brainstorming awesome adjectives about spring, April, showers, and flowers. We will continue with acrostic poetry next week and they will put all of their poems into a book and bring them home for you to see next week. 


    Reader's workshop is going well and we are still in our Readers Have Big Jobs to Do unit. This week, we have focused on partnerships in reading and how we can help our partners when reading in small groups. 


    The students are SO excited to be putting the finishing touches on their Epic Build projects for our final presentation next Tuesday! Our classroom will be open from 9:00-9:30 for you to come and see your child's project. We will be starting our day as normal and will be resuming instruction at 9:30, so please only visit between these times. If you would like to see the keynote presentation, that will begin in the gym at 8:30. We are looking forward to seeing you Tuesday! 


    We began our economics unit in Social Studies this week and learned about needs and wants. 


    If you have not already done so, please return the field trip permission slips. Today was the last day to turn the chaperone form in, but the permission forms are not due until Tuesday. It is very important that the forms are in by the due date so that we can get the numbers and money to our financial secretary by the end of next week.


    Report cards are ready on ParentVue. Please let me know if you have any questions about the report card.  


    Important dates:

    April 15-19: Spring Break

    April 26: Field Trip


    Have a great weekend!


    ~Mrs. Wheelbarger 




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  • Week 30!

    Posted by Jamie Wheelbarger on 3/22/2019 2:45:00 PM

    Hello and Happy Spring! I hope everyone has had a great week.


    This week in math, we began place value and discussing the tens and ones place. We have been grouping objects by tens and figuring out how many we have left over. We will continue with place value next week. 


    We wrapped up our nonfiction readers workshop unit and are excited to begin a new one next week! We will go back to fiction next week and start "Readers Have Big Jobs to do!". 


    The students are almost finished with their famous American nonfiction writing and will continue with that through next week. On April 2nd, we will start a fun poetry writing unit!


    A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out yesterday to see the students put on an AMAZING show. They worked so hard to make it a success and I'd say they certainly accomplished that! Your support through this PBL was nothing short of wonderful and I appreciate everything that you do to make my job so enjoyable. 


    Every year, the Town of Round Hill asks students to submit a t-shirt design for the town's Memorial day celebration. Please see the flyer attached to the email reminder (for this blog post) for more information! 


    Yearbooks are still on sale and sales will go through April 5th! 


    Dates to remember:

    Thursday, March 28th: End of 3Q

    Friday, March 29th: Student Holiday

    Monday, April 1st: Student Holiday 

    Friday, April 5th: Spirit Day-Wear RHL colors 

    Monday, April 15-Friday, April 19th: Spring Break


    Please let me know if you have any questions!


    ~Mrs. Wheelbarger


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  • Week 29

    Posted by Jamie Wheelbarger on 3/15/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Happy BEAUTIFUL Friday! I hope everyone has had a chance to go outside and enjoy the sun. 


    We finished up our time unit this week in math and will start place value next week. 


    The students have been using writers and readers workshop time this week to work on their famous American presentations with the other first grade classes. They have been working SO hard and are SO excited to present their awesome displays and sing their beautiful songs for you next week!


    We did not start our new word study words this week, but will do 'c, h, and ch' words for the next two weeks. 


    The kids are working hard on their epic build projects in coding! 


    In content, the students learned about Maggie L. Walker this week. Next week, they will learn about Arthur Ashe. 


    Important Dates:

    Thursday, March 21st-9:30 am-Famous Americans Exhibition 

    Friday, March 29th-Student Holiday

    Monday, April 1st- Student Holiday


    Please do not hesitate to email me with ANY questions about next week or about any questions in general. 


    Thank you all for your continued support and for being AMAZING!


    ~Mrs. Wheelbarger 



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  • Week 28

    Posted by Jamie Wheelbarger on 3/8/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week. We finally got a full week of school with no days off or delays! It has been an awesome week full of amazing school spirit-I have loved seeing the pajamas, crazy hair, hats, sports team favorites, colors, and ROUND HILL SPIRIT!


    In math, we started our time unit. We discussed the importance of time and the different kinds of clocks we see. The students have been working hard on telling time to the hour and to the half hour. If you see an analog clock on the hour or half hour, ask your child to tell you the time! Next week, we will continue with time to the half hour and take our math unit assessment. We will do place value next in math. 


    The students finished their famous American research this week and have started writing their nonfiction stories about their person. We will continue with our famous American nonfiction books through next week. 


    We are still in our nonfiction reading unit, as well. This week, we worked on finding about thinking about the keywords that we see in our books. 


    The students took their word study assessment today on "s, h, and sh" words. Next week, they will have "c, h, and ch" words. 


    In Social Studies, the students learned all about Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas, and Christopher Newport. Next week, we will learn about Maggie Walker and Arthur Ashe. 


    Important Dates:

    TONIGHT!, 7 pm- Volleyball game against Emerick @ Loudoun Valley High School 

    Monday, March 18- Running Bears begins (only for those registered!)

    Thursday, March 21, 9:30 am- Famous Americans Expo (students should come dressed in their costume TO SCHOOL because they will not have time to change! I will send more information about specifics closer to the expo date.) Please join us!! It is a great performance-the kids are always AMAZING!

    Thursday, March 28- House meetings & house lunch-WEAR HOUSE COLORS! 

    Friday, March 29- Teacher workday-no school for students 

    Tuesday, April 9- Epic Build #3


    If your child is interested in an awesome camp this summer, please register him/her for our very own STEAM camp here at Round Hill! It is from June 17-21st. See the school website for more details! 


    If you have questions about any upcoming dates, please let me know! I hope to see some of you tonight at the game! GO BEARS!!


    ~Mrs. Wheelbarger 




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  • Week 27

    Posted by Jamie Wheelbarger on 3/1/2019 2:30:00 PM

    Happy Friday and Happy March! Wow! February was a fast month! 


    This week in math, we finished our fact families unit. We will start time on Monday. 


    The students used their writing time this week to start researching their famous American on PebbleGo. They are working on taking notes from different resources and writing down what they find. 


    We learned a few more habits for solving hard words in our nonfiction books this week. The students are cruising along with our nonfiction unit!


    Due to the two hour delay today, we did not take the word study test. We will test next week on our 's, h and sh' words. 


    The kids are working hard on their projects for the third Epic Build. Please note that our Epic Build date HAS BEEN CHANGED. It will now be on Tuesday, April 9th. 


    There is still time to register for both Running Bears Club beginning in March and STEAMovation camp this summer! Please see the RHES website to register! 


    Next week is SPIRIT WEEK to get ready for the big volleyball game vs. Emerick on Friday night! Please see the flyer that came home in red folders today about pre-ordering tickets to the game. It will be at Loudoun Valley HS at 7:00 pm. Wear your Round Hill colors to support the teachers!!


    SPIRIT WEEK – March 4-8

    Volleyball Game: March 8th

    Loudoun Valley High School


    Monday:  Wear your Pajamas Day

    REST UP for a great game of the Round Hill Bears vs the Emerick Eagles!


    Tuesday:  CRAZY Hair or Hat Day

    We are going to SPIKE the volleyballs over the net!


    Wednesday:  Wear your Sports Team Jersey Day

    We are going to make Round Hill proud”


    Thursday:  House Color Day

    Go all out, how much color can you wear?


    Friday:  School Spirit-Wear Day

    We’re CRAZY about our Round Hill Elementary!


    Have a wonderful weekend!!


    ~Mrs. Wheelbarger 

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