• Civics Nine Week Plan 

    Unit 1 - U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization 

    Unit 2 - Media and Elections

    Unit 3 - Founding Documents

    Unit 4 - National Government

    Unit 5 - State and Local Government

    Unit 6 - US Courts

    Unit 7 - Economics 


    Unit 1-2 will be Marking Perod 1, then Units 3-4 will be the majority of Marking Period 2 then Units 5 -6 will be covered in Marking Period 3 and Marking Period 4 will be spent working on Economics and SOL preparation. 

    2019-2020 CIVICS OTTW COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT:  Students will learn of their mandatory due in April of 2020.  Students will complete 10 hours of Community Service by April.  They will document this service and have their parents signature on the form verifying their work in the community. Honors classes will first complete and have my approval of a proposal for their project and a log of the hours. This project will count as 100 Summative Points and can greatly influence a student's overall grade. Please keep this project in mind through out the school year. Please DO NOT WAIT until Spring Break to begin this project!