• Advanced Placement Psychology Syllabus 

    Teacher: Ms. Price 

    Room: 180 

    Email: tracy.price@lcps.org 

    Remind*Text @appsychstu to 81010 

    Google Classroom Code: 2nd Block -3gakq9   7th Block-azqpxj 

    AP Course Code- 2nd Block-PNMN6X                7th Block-ZE3RKM 

    AP Course Website- https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/join-your-class-online 



    Classroom Expectations: 

    Treat this class as a college course. You can expect to be treated with respect and the teacher will expect the same. You are expected to possess a strong work ethic and must perform at the college level. The teacher will be available for any help you need, but the burden of the work is on your shoulders. Chronic absenteeism or tardiness will not be tolerated. You must read and think critically to be successful. All students are expected to take the AP Exam May 12, 2020. 


    Core Materials: 

    Myers, David G. Psychology, 3rd edition for AP (textbook) 



    2 Inch Binder  

    Spiral Notebook for Vocabulary * optional 

    Notebook paper  

    11 Dividers  

    AP Psychology Flashcards or an AP Psychology Review Book (can be found on amazon.com)* not required 


    Absences – 

    When a student is absent it is the student’s responsibility to make up the missed work. All tests must be made up within 1 week of the absence, if not the grade will be a zero. Vocabulary quizzes are given daily. A calendar is outlined at the beginning of each unit. Students that are unexcused absent are still expected to take the current day’s vocabulary quiz. Students are encouraged to email me and set up a time to come in for extra help or during Study Hall. If you are absent on a test day you need to email me ASAP to schedule a makeup date.  


    Buddy # 1  name and number 



    Buddy # 2  name and number 



    Extra Help-If you need extra help please email me to set up a time or come by Room 180 after 8:40. The National Honor Society also offers FREE tutoringMany of these tutors have just completed the course and are an excellent resource. 


    Passes out of class: 

    If you must use the bathroom, ask quietly and politely. Do not abuse the passes out of the class or you will lose that privilege. Please refrain from using the restroom in the first and last 15 minutes of class.  Cell phones may not be used during class or in the hallway. Any student late to class will not be allowed to leave for the duration of class. 





    Tests will be between 40-50 multiple choice questions and will usually include an essay. There will be a review guide for every test. Every quarter, students will take a cumulative test which will consist of material they have previously learned.   



    Essays/Research Papers/Projects- 25% 

    AP Style Essays- You will receive a rubric for each individual essay assigned. Each essay is worth 8 -14 points and like the essays on the AP Exam graded by College Board readers.  The essay will be converted to a grade out of 100.  


    Projects- Projects are typically once a quarter. Projects may be completed individually or in a group. You will receive a rubric for projects.  



    Quizzes- 15% 

    Daily Quizzes- Short quizzes will be given every day to check for understanding of the reading assignment given the previous class.  


    Grading Policy- 

    There will be one optional retake opportunity at the end of quarters 1-3. Students who qualify for this retake opportunity may use this test grade to replace a lower test grade.  To qualify for this retake opportunity, a student must have completed the Retake Contract. 




    Activities will be assigned both within and outside the classroom that are designed to reinforce a learning target from class. Some activities will be graded, and others will be recorded in the gradebook as an “ungraded” assignment.