• Grading Scale

    Grades are based on: Classwork, Projects/Activities, Assessments, and Homework

    Grades are calculated on a point system for each assignment, which is indicated at the top of each column on the grade sheet.

    Classwork can consist of participation, group work, writing assignments, sustained silent reading and log entries, note-taking, discussions, study circles, completion of worksheets, Science writing, Science SOL practice, thinking maps, and other in-class projects.

    Homework will be assigned regularly and will effect the students' grades. 

    Assessments can include but not limited to quizzes, tests, open-book tests, class and small-group discussions, and thinking maps.

    Projects can include book talks, book reports, ads, PowerPoint, writing assignments, posters, and other activities. Projects will be deducted one full letter grade for every class day it is late. No project will be accepted after 4 class days passed the deadline.



    A+ 98-100        A 93-97        A- 90-92

    B+ 87-89          B 83-86        B- 80-82

    C+ 77-79          C 73-76        C- 70-72

    D+ 67-69          D 63-66        D- 60-62

    F 0-59 



    • Should be communicated to parents in 1st day handout and posted.
    • Students may retake a summative assessment if they score below a 70%.
    • Labs, classwork or summative assessments worth 10 points or less are not eligible for a retake.
    • The maximum score a student may receive on a retake is 80%. The student will receive the higher of the two assessment scores. Scores will not be averaged.
    • Student must complete teacher designated remediation work and/or approved reteaching session.
    • The retake must be a different assessment than the original and can take any format that the teacher wishes.
    • The student will have the opportunity for one retake only per assessment.
    • Teachers still have the autonomy to allow students (on a case-by-case basis) the opportunity to take a retake should they perceive the need.