• Art I, II, III, IV, AP, Photography Supply List

    Deidre Knight


    Materials for Art I, II, III, IV, AP, Graphic Design and Draw/Paint: 

    Sketchbook - 9”x12” spiral bound or hardcover (no tape bound)

    Sticky notes for critiques

    Ticonderoga pencils

    Hand held pencil sharpener

    White eraser

    2 Fine and 2 Ultra fine black Sharpies

    Pencil pouch or container to store supplies in (Gallon Ziploc works)


    *Consider supplying one of the following to the classroom:

    Hand soap, Gallon ZIPLOC baggies, Kleenex, sponges, CLOROX wipes


    *The art room is ALWAYS in need of the following donations:

    Old magazines/calendars, plastic restaurant take out containers, still life objects (clocks, hats, vintage items, fake food, etc), hair dryers, hand tools, small lamps, clip on spot lights, cameras…..THANKS for thinking of us! - Mrs. Knight

Last Modified on August 22, 2018