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Loudoun County

Public Schools

Lead Mentors


  • Complete electronic mentor application
  • Receive recommendation of Principal
  • Teach a minimum of 3 years in Loudoun County Public Schools
  • Teach a minimum of 2 years at the current school (excluding new schools of course)
  • Demonstrate a passion for teaching!
  • Meet with school's new teachers quarterly
  • Meet with mentors twice during the year
  • Provide on-going support to mentors and protégés
  • Direct mentors and new teachers to resources 
  • Participate in Lead Mentor Professional Development
    • NEW Lead Mentors must attend a training workshop found on MLP.
  • Participate in the Beginning Teacher Institute-August 10, 2016
  • Facilitate the Initial meeting* of protégés and mentors Monday, August 15, 12:30-3:30
  • Conduct a one-hour refresher with veteran mentors, Monday, August 15, 11:30-12:30 


Lead Mentors must have the ability to                                         

  • communicate with new and veteran teachers
  • communicate with administrators
  • recognize specific needs of mentors and their protégés
  • act as a liaison between mentors and Mentor Specialist
  • organize and document meetings
  • disseminate information in a timely fashion

Lead Mentors must have knowledge of 

  • LCPS Board mission and goals
  • School based initiatives
  • Virginia and LCPS expectations
  • Instructional skills and strategies
  • Effective management  

sun blinkingWhat exactly will a Lead Mentor do?

  • Present at The Beginning Teacher Institute August 10 to the new teachers who will be employed at the Lead Mentor's home school (The content of the presentation will be discussed at the Lead Mentor workshop.)
  • Meet with mentors and new teachers on the assigned day* at the home school
  • Meet with new teachers quarterly at the home school
  • Meet with mentors at the end of each semester and email them as needed
  • Act as liaison between school and Mentor Specialist
  • Check Outlook regularly
  • Gather and distribute information 
  • Locate resources for mentors
  • Assist in recruiting master teachers to serve as mentors 
  • Serve as an on-site leader to build a community among mentors and new teachers

When would a Lead Mentor need to also serve as a mentor to new teachers?

  • If a school only has 1-2 new teachers
  • If no one else in your building is recommended for the Lead Mentor's subject or grade level

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*Lead Mentors will be paid an hourly rate of $25.02 to attend training, Beginning Teacher Institute, and the initial mentor-protégé meeting.
Lead Mentors will receive an annual stipend of $800, half at the end of the first semester and half at the end of the year. Lead Mentors with more than the average number of new teachers will receive additional payment at the end of the year.  Details will be shared at the Lead Mentor training session. 
Lead Mentors who are needed to also mentor (see above information) will annually receive $100 for each additional protégé. 
Lead Mentors will receive one recertification point per clock hour of mentor service under option 6.

Lead Mentors are eligible to receive 90 recertification points under option 6 per licensure cycle.

Last Modified on April 25, 2016

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