• Classroom Expectations

     I am dedicated to making my classroom a safe place for students to learn, question, and grow. I offer a challenging, but accessible, academic environment where all scholars are valued. I work very hard to mold the curriculum and create bridge courses that reach students – where they are – to prepare them for what is to come. As such, I have high expectations for my students, and encourage them to have high expectations for themselves and others.

    Briar Woods students are exceptional and generally need little guidance to do the right thing, but it is always best practice to establish protocols.

    To create a safe, productive learning environment, I have the following expectations.

    Netiquette Expectations for Google Meet:

    1. Respect yourself and others.
    2. Please be on time (and sign in no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of class) and do not leave until the end of class.
    3. Set aside a specific space in your home for work and stay in that place throughout the class meeting. Find a place where you can concentrate. You know what your distractions are - make sure they’re not nearby!
    4. If it’s inappropriate for in-person schooling, it’s inappropriate for distance learning.
    5. If you choose to connect with video, make sure your clothes and surroundings are school appropriate. If you choose not to connect with video, please choose a school appropriate image for your profile picture.
    6. Keep yourself muted until asked a question or invited to speak. If more than one person is unmuted, the noise can be overwhelming.
    7. Use the “raise hand” feature to be called on to speak.
    8. Activetly listen and participate when asked.
    9. The chat feature is only to be used for messages that are appropriate and relevant to this class.
    10. Please only have computer windows and tabs open that are relevant to this class.

    In-person Expectations:

    • Abide by Briar Woods High School and Loudoun County Public School’s policies and regulations
    • Be prompt: come to class on time
    • Be positive: believe in yourself and others and you will be amazed by what you accomplish
    • Be prepared: be well rested and have the materials needed, your assignments completed, and an open mind
    • Be productive: use your time wisely and push through challenges
    • Be polite: it is wise to question what you are told, but do not be rude to anyone when addressing issues on which you disagree – be they fact or opinion based.  Please always remember that what you say is tempered by how you say it.
      • Think about the words you use and choose ones that will make your argument without being hurtful
      • Mind your tone of voice
      • Pay attention when someone else is talking and do not engage in conversations on the side
      • NEVER tell anyone that he or she is stupid, or use other such derogatory terms. ACTING in a stupid manner, however, may be addressed.
    • Cellphones off and away unless expressly told you may have them on and out. If you wish, you may put your phone in the charging station at the beginning of class, but it must remain there for the entire class.
    • One person (with permission) to bathroom/drink at a time
    • Return borrowed materials to the places where you found them.
    • Your work must be your own and original for this class. Do not work together on any assignment unless otherwise instructed. Cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable. Please see the Honor Code that is distributed to students on the first day of class.
    • Food – I do not mind food or water as long as you:
      • Clean up spills and other messes
      • Do not have a glass container 
      • Do not have anything noisy or distracting (such as a crinkly bag)