• Algebra I Course Information 

    Mrs. Tracey Schlitzer


    E-mail: tracey.schlitzer@lcps.org

    Office Hours: M-F 8:30am – 9:00am



    “Ideally, what we teach our students should serve as a floor on which they stand to reach greater heights rather than as a ceiling that limits what they are able to achieve.” – Dennis Weisman

                My goal as a teacher is to provide the floor on which my students can stand to reach new heights.  I believe that all students have the capacity to learn mathematics. Each person may learn differently and at different rates, but the learning is what is important.  I am here to do all I can to help you learn math and I ask that you give your best effort in return.  My desire is to inspire students to be self-motivated, life-long learners and hopefully enjoy math in the process.     

    Class Expectations:


    • Be in class!
    • Be in your seats and ready to work when the bell rings
    • Have all necessary materials (see below).


    • Participate in all activities, investigations, and class discussions.
    • Give your best effort.
    • Ask questions!!


    • Turn off all electronic devices (including cell phones) and place in backpack.
    • Respect one another’s opinions, ideas, and input. Use appropriate language.
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


    Beverages are permitted only if they are in a closed (sealed tight) container. Food is permitted (please clean up after yourself).


    Materials Needed:

    LOTS of Pencils!                               3-Ring Binder (2” min)          Five-Tab Dividers            

    Loose leaf and Graph Paper               Graphing Calculator TI-84 (recommended)


    Technology Use:

    Students will have access to calculators to be used in the classroom.  Students may also bring their own calculator.  They will also be able to bring and use their own technology at various times during the school year.  Tablets and laptops are preferred.  Laptops are available to be checked out of the Media Center each morning.  Cell phones will not be the most efficient form of technology used in class.  Inappropriate usage of technology will result in the termination of technology usage for the remainder of the class block.  If the inappropriate usage becomes a pattern, other measures will be taken to address this.


    Hall Pass:

    Being in class is essential to learning and therefore, time outside of class will be limited. Students may not leave the class within the first or last 15 minutes of the block.



    Homework will be assigned and checked for completion. Homework completion will be posted in the gradebook for parents to monitor their student’s completion of daily work.  It is an expectation that the student will complete all homework in preparation for assessments. Assignments need to be completed in order to be given the opportunity to reassess, if a retake is offered. All homework should be kept in your binder after it is checked as a tool for reviewing material and preparing for assessments. All homework must be done in pencil.

    IXL strands will be assigned in class and will be graded based on the student’s Smartscore.  Students will have the opportunity to work on the strands during station time in class.  If the student does not complete the IXL strand in class, it must be completed for homework, since it is summative. 

    Google Classroom:

    Materials and assignments will be made available to students in Google Classroom. It is recommended that students use Google Classroom regularly to check for updates, acquire material and lesson notes when absent, and help prepare for assessments. 


    Assessments will be given in the form of a quiz, test, and project throughout the course to assess student mastery of the concepts. Assessments are cumulative to assess continued mastery.

     Grading Policy:

    Grades will be based on the student’s performance on summative assessments, which include, but are not limited to tests, quizzes, and projects, all of which are created to give the student the opportunity to show proficiency. Grade Calculation: [(Points Earned/Points Available) x 100%].

    Make-Up Policy:       

    The student is responsible for getting any missed assignments and completing them. Use Google Classroom to get any material you may have missed. If you are unsure of what topic was covered, please email the teacher immediately for clarification. Students will be given the number of days equal to the number of days missed to make up an assignment. If you are absent only on the day of an assessment, you will be expected to make it up on the day of your return since no new material was covered. If you are absent the block prior to any assessment, and no new material was covered, you will be expected to take the scheduled assessment for that day. Please see me for extenuating circumstances.

    Extra Help:

    I want you to succeed in math!  I will be available each morning from 8:30 – 9:00am to help you. I also encourage you to use the Academic Support Center in Room 400 during your study hall for additional assistance.  If you are struggling, please talk to me.  I may not know you need help, if you don’t ask.

    Reassessment Policy:

    Students will have the opportunity to retake certain assessments. The reassessment will not be the same version and may be of any format deemed appropriate by the teacher.  Students will be eligible to retake an assessment only if they have completed all of their homework for that assessment, made corrections to the original assessment, and have met with the teacher. All reassessments must be completed within the defined time stated by the teacher and within the quarter originally assessed. The higher of the two grades will be used.

     Cheating Policy:

    Cheating includes, but is not limited to: looking at another students’ paper during an assessment, talking during an assessment, taking a picture of the assessment, having information that is being assessed visible during an assessment, copying another’s homework or classwork, and any other form of plagiarism. Any occurrence of cheating will result in an incomplete for the assessment or assignment, a referral to the appropriate administration, and parent notification.

    Course Overview:

    • Order of Operations
    • Expressions
    • Statistics
    • Investigating Functions
    • Linear Functions
    • Linear Equations
    • Linear Inequalities
    • Linear Systems
    • Quadratic Functions
    • SOL Review