• Welcome to 12th Grade English!

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    Some important information:

    1. Class will rely on the use of Google Classroom.  As such, you are highly encouraged to bring a laptop (or any other similar device) to class regularly.
    2. If a parent/guardian would like to receive email summaries of what has happened in class on either a daily or weekly basis, he/she can email Mrs. Douglas.   
    3. This year's syllabus can be accessed by clicking here.
    4. A review of our department's grading and best practice policies can be found by clicking here.
    5.  This an overview of the 12th grade's "Esssential Skills" list for the year:

    Literary Skills:

    • Annotating
      • Significance--how and why we do it
      • Making personal connections
      • Predicting
      • Inferring
      • Questioning
      • Identifying main and supporting ideas
      • Symbols
      • Marking figurative language
      • Identifying author’s purpose and style
      • Literary Criticisms
        • Using different lenses to analyze a text
        • Identifying different lenses
        • Understanding history behind lenses

    Writing Skills:

    • Plan/Organize writing
      • Thesis statements
      • Writing Questions- for formal writing/guiding writing
      • Sentence Variety
      • Voice
      • Syntax
      • Incorporating evidence
      • MLA
      • Revising

    Discussion Skills:

    • Socratic Circles
    • Group Discussion