If there is a 2 hour delay on a Friday, students will still attend FUTURA.  The students will be picked up 2 hours later (11am instead of 9am) and will return to school at the normal time.  If there is a 1 hour delay students will be picked up one hour later and return to school at the normal time.  




    Students identified for FUTURA services will travel to Culbert Elementary on Fridays. Their FUTURA teacher will be Mr. Morgan.


    The first day of FUTURA will be Friday, September 7, 2018. 


    During the first week of school, Mr. Morgan will come to Round Hill to meet all the FUTURA students.  He will review supplies needed and will give the students a "FUTURA Back to School" night meeting date.  


    E-mail Mr. Morgan



Last Modified on January 31, 2019