• Dear Students and Parents,

    Welcome to Research Biology! The following information is given to help you understand what is expected of you in this course. If you have questions about anything discussed, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Materials you will need for class:

    • Laptop with keyboard.  Be sure to get one from the library before class.  You will need it everyday!

    • One Composition Notebook
    • We will be using Google Classroom.  This will be a place where class events and due dates will be posted, as well as notes and assignments that are available electronically.  

    • Most of your assignments will be electronic, including quizzes, tests, and other assessments.  You must have a computer and (if possible) a mobile device.

    • Some way to stay organized

    • Paper, Pencils and erasers

    • Positive attitude

    Classroom Expectations

    The policy in my class is simply RESPECT.  Everyone in this class has the right to pursue education in a safe and supportive atmosphere.  I expect you to respect yourself, your classmates and the learning environment at all times.


    Expensive equipment is used continually throughout this course.  Students may be held responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of equipment they have purposely or accidentally damaged.  Some labs involve the use of dangerous chemicals or equipment.  The safety contract is intended to be read and followed at ALL times in the biology classroom and laboratory.

    **Important note: Safety violations are very serious and any offense will not be tolerated. Students will be removed from the lab and will face administrative disciplinary action.


    Your grade in this class will be calculated with the following categories and weights:

    • Unit Assessments (25%) - Tests and quizzes are always announced several days in advance (usually about 1 week).  If you are absent tests and quizzes should be made up within a week of an absence by making arrangements with me. 

    • Labs, Activities, and Projects (40%) - You are expected to come to class ready for a lab when they are announced.  Proper attire is important for safety.  If you are not wearing the proper attire and you are unable to participate in the lab, you are still expected to complete the analysis and conclusion questions. All written work must be your own, unless otherwise instructed, even when you are working with a partner.

    • Science Research (25%) - This is the honors component of this course.  Each of these assignments will pertain to science research you will be completing this year.

    • Reading Assessments (10%) - Readings will be assigned as enrichment to each unit.  Their will be a reading quiz for each associated assignment.  Students may attempt a reading quiz up to three times and the highest score will be recorded in the gradebook. 

    Late Work

    All assignments will be given a due date, to receive timely feedback and have an accurate idea of your grade at all times you should hand in your work by the original due date. Students are highly encouraged to be mindful of due dates because they are set to reduce stress and anxiety for the students. All work for the quarter must be submitted by the 8th week of the quarter.  No exceptions!


    Students are expected to have a tablet with a keyboard, personal laptop, or school-issued laptop on a daily basis.  Students who are using a school device should pick the device up PRIOR to the start of school.  

    Academic Honesty

    Working together in biology is encouraged.  “Working together” means two or more students doing or studying the same material at the same time.  Students may discuss the questions and possible answers.  Every member of the group must understand the answers and write down the answers in their own words, even though the group may have formulated the answers together.  For more information about academic honesty, please refer to the student agenda.

    General Information

    • Reassessments - One day at the end of the quarter will be designated to retake opportunities.   This provides students ample time to seek support from a biology teacher on the material for which they need remediation.  On this day, students may demonstrate an increased mastery of skills on each unit test.  A student may take more than one retake on that day, but must prepare adequately for all tests.  The highest score earned on the assessed material will be recorded.  It is highly suggested that students are prepared for an initial assessment because inadequate planning can lead to increased levels of stress at the end of the quarter.

    • You need to be in your seat and ready to learn when the bell rings.

    • Backpacks need to be stored in the back of the room.

    • Topics covered throughout the year will include:  scientific investigation, biochemistry, cells, photosynthesis and respiration, DNA and RNA protein synthesis, biotechnology, heredity, evolution, classification, ecology, and much more!