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Loudoun County Public Schools has four full-time and two part-time instructional coaches.  Through time-intensive and non-evaluative classroom visitations, observations, and conferencing, the Instructional Coaches provide embedded, individualized professional development.  Modeling, co-teaching, and problem solving in the collaborative coach-teacher relationship have been demonstrated to have a positive impact on teacher efficacy and retention.                        



 Instructional Coaches

The mission of the instructional coaching program is
to guide and support teachers in the implementation of exemplary teaching practices by providing an individualized plan of embedded, professional development that directly impacts student success and promotes the efficacy and the retention of  highly qualified teachers.
As outlined in the Standards, the coaches provide individualized, embedded professional development to identified teachers in areas of:

1.      Classroom management

2.      Instruction

3.      Collaborative and positive relationships

4.      Data analysis

5.      District, state and federal policies, and standards

6.      Content and curriculum

7.      Technology

8.      Assessment

9.      Individual, personal, and professional development


Areas in which to focus are prioritized through a collaborative process among the principal, coach, and teacher.

For further information on the Instructional Coaching Program, contact Julie Gross.



Last Modified on April 7, 2017

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