• Precalculus Syllabus 2017-2018

    Ms. Keely

    Email: carly.keely@lcps.org

    Overview: This course covers the Standards of Learning outlined by the Virginia Department of Education for Precalculus, and follows the Precalculus syllabus provided by the Loudoun County Public Schools. Through the year, students will be adding tools to their mathematical tool kits, and practicing and refining their general problem solving, critical thinking and reasoning skills.

    Classroom Conduct:

    • Come to class prepared to learn. (Pencils sharpened, paper, etc.)
    • Respect all ideas given in class and do not criticize anybody's ideas or thoughts.
    • Be kind to one another.
    • Respect all property. (School property, personal property, and other's property)
    • Do your very best!


    • Pencils – This is essential! Bring several in case one breaks.
    • Three-ring binder – To keep your notes, classwork, homework, and other assignments. (Recommend 2 or 3-inch binding.)
    • Composition notebook - This is what we will complete our daily Bell Ringers in, and it will remain in the classroom.
    • Textbook - Precalculus, Seventh Edition, by Michael Sullivan.
    • Eraser(s)
    • Notebook paper – You should not need very much. Graph paper is recommended.
    • Calculator – TI-84 (optional, calculators are provided in class)

    Cell Phone/Electronics Use: Students should not have their cell phones out during math class. A copy of the cell phone/electronics policy is on my school website for more information.

    Tardies: If you are tardy you will need to fill out a tardy form. You are allowed 2 tardies to class per nine-week grading period. As per school policy, three tardies will result in Friday School, and additional tardies will be handled by the administration. 


    • Homework will be checked at the beginning of class for a completion grade worth 5 points.
    • You must complete the assignment and show all work to receive full credit.
    • Late homework will not be accepted. This is the BWHS Math Department policy.

    Quizzes and Tests: Quizzes and tests will be announced in advance. Each test will be 100 points total and will be reported in the grade book by standard. There will be multiple grades per test with a total maximum point value of 100.  For example, for the first unit test, there might be four standards covered.  Therefore, the first unit test will be reported in four categories.

    Mastery Assessments: There will be one mastery assessment per quarter. The mastery assessment will cover all material from previous tests in that quarter. Students will NOT be given a separate grade for the mastery assessment in the gradebook. Instead, students will be able to REPLACE a previous test grade if, and only if, they show improvement on the corresponding section of the mastery assessment.

    Other Graded Assignments:

    • Daily Bell Ringers: Every lesson opens with a Bell Ringer which will be completed in your composition notebook. These notebooks will remain in the classroom and Ms. Keely will keep track of your completion rate. Each Bell Ringer will count as 1 point and will be compiled into one Bell Ringer grade for the quarter.
    • Problem sets: Problem sets will be assigned periodically and will be graded for accuracy.
    • Projects/OTTW

    Absent? Missed class? It is YOUR responsibility to get the information and assignments you missed. Class notes and assignments will be posted on the course site. If you know ahead of time that you will miss class, see Ms. Keely before you are absent. You have 2 calendar days from when you return to make up a quiz or a test. You will need to schedule a time to take your quiz or test during Study Hall or before or after school.

    Grading:  Each quarter grade will be calculated using total points:  Points Earned ÷ Points Possible. The quarter grade will be composed of quizzes, tests, problem sets, homework, bell ringers, and any projects used as summative assessments.

    Loudoun County Public Schools Grading Scale:


    98 – 100


    73 – 76


    93 – 97


    70 – 72


    90 – 92


    67 – 69


    87 – 89


    63 – 66


    83 – 86


    60 – 62


    80 – 82


    59 & below


    77 – 79




    Need Help? The Math Resource Center is open throughout the school day in Room L406. If you need help with any assignments or would like help studying for a quiz or test, get a pass from your math teacher to come to the Math Resource Center during your Study Hall.