• Class Practices

    1. Cell phones and other electronics: Should not distract from your learning or the learning of others. Will sometimes be used for class assignments.
    2. Food and drink: Can be consumed in a way that does not distract from your learning or the learning of others. Properly dispose of all trash.
    3. Bring what you need to learn: Each student should arrive to class prepared to learn and should bring the things they need to achieve that goal.
    4. Be engaged: Students should make good use of their time and be engaged with what is happening in class either through active participation or focused attention.
    5. Be positive (or at least don’t be negative): Students should approach class with a positive attitude and provide encouragement to other students to do the same.
    6. Take responsibility: Students should acknowledge and be aware of their contribution to class and strive to do their best and to bring out the best in their classmates.
    7. Don’t cheat: Even if you don’t get caught, this is a bad idea. Instances of plagiarism will be handled in accordance with LCPS and Briar Woods High School policy.  
    8. Breaking the Rules: Violations of class practices will be addressed with the student/class on a case-by-case basis. Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action.
    9. Things can change: Class practices and rules are subject to change based on student/class behavior. A primary consequence of breaking the rules is the implementation of more rules.