Mr. Bowers



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Bowers


I'm a career switcher and I started teaching at Briar Woods in 2017 after spending more than 10 years working in television news where I was an anchor and producer for several network affiliates. 


My classes are focused on helping students find practical applications for skills they acquire through the required curriculum. I embrace technology when appropriate and tailor lessons to each student as much as possible to maximize interest and achievement. I put an emphasis on communication and provide access to all classroom materials online through the school website and Google Classroom.


Class will be guided by mutual respect and the need for everyone to learn and achieve their highest potential. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a way that adheres to common decency, shows and promotes respect for everyone, contributes to the betterment of the class and, at the very least, does not distract from the learning of others.


 Daily Protocols


  • Students should sit in their assigned seat.
  • When arriving to class, all cell phones and headphones should be put away.
  • Roll will be taken immediately following the bell.

How Class Works


  • Classroom learning will regularly consist of discussion, reading, multimedia, group work and other activities designed to provide better understanding for each student. Students are encouraged to approach topics in the way they learn best.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in class discussion and are expected to be respectful of others who do the same. You can raise your hand, but you don’t have to do so.
  • Students should expect classroom structure to change regularly.
  • Most assignments will be completed in class, however students should complete unfinished work outside of class if necessary. Reading, writing and real-world observation may occasionally be assigned as homework.