• The following are policies for the English Department and my classroom. 
    1. Technology will only be allowed at my discretion and only when it is used appropriately. Cell phones will be kept in my cell phone holder at the front of the room.  Any phone that is out when not allowed, will be brought to the front office where it can be picked up at the end of the day.  
    2. Be punctual. Be ready to work when the bell rings.
    3. Respect each other and the classroom. The purpose of a literary discussion is to broaden our minds and learn from each other, but we must be respectful. At the first sign of disrespect in my classroom, I will call home.
    4. Follow the Briar Woods Honor Code at all times and BE TRUE.
    5. Come to class prepared with class materials – we have a fixed day schedule, so plan ahead!
    6. Clean your area of the classroom at the end of class before you leave.
    Homework will be graded for completion and effort, to the satisfaction of the teacher, and is due at the beginning of class. Work that is incomplete will receive reduced credit, and late homework will not receive credit.
    Grading is done on a point system. Assignments and assessments will range in value.  In general, smaller assignments will have avalue of 10-20 points, while larger assignments will range from 80-100.  I try to offer a variety of assessments to make sure each child is able to demonstrate his/her aquired knowledge. 
    Make-Up/Absent Policy:
    Any work that must be made up due to school-related activity or absence will follow the following guidelines.  For each day absent, you have the same amount of time to make up work. After that, late work policies will apply.  
    Late Work:
    No late work will be accepted for homework or smaller assignments.  No exception.  Late papers or projects will receive a 10% deduction per calendar day late – not class period, including independent reading projects, essays and their components, projects, etc.