• US/VA History:


                Homework and classwork are worth 25% of your grade. Tests, quizzes and projects will make up 75% of your grade. An optional end of quarter assessment will be given each quarter to potentially replace one quiz grade.


    DE US History:


    1. Grading:
      1. Grading Scale
        1. A = 100 - 90 B = 89 - 80 C = 79 - 70 D = 69 - 60 F < 59
      2. This course syllabus informs students exactly what is expected, and how grading will be done.
      3. In cases where district grading policies conflict with college grading policies, the high school and college grades may differ; this may include assignment/test retakes, extended assignment due dates, capped minimum grade allowed, among other such district policies.
      4. The grade for each quarter will be based on the total points the student earns divided by the total points possible.  It is expected that all assignments are submitted on time (see below).  Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period.  There is no extra credit available.
      5. Final Grades
    • Northern Virginia Community College: Final Grades awarded for college credit for successfully completing HIS 121 (3 credits) and HIS 122 (3 credits).  Independent grades will be assigned for each course.  Grading is on a 10-point scale, and there on no + or – grades.  
    • Loudoun County Public Schools: A single final grade will be awarded for high school credit (with a 0.5 GPA bump). This course fulfills the US and Virginia History Requirement for high school graduation
    • NVCC will set dates by which students can drop the class without a grade penalty and when they can drop the class and have a “W” (withdrawn) on their transcript.