This business course offers middle school students the opportunity to learn skills for entering alphabetic, numeric, and symbol information.  Word processing activities will be incorporated into this 18 week course, or semester. We will also work with other well computer based programs such as Google Classroom, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Coding at Middle School projects, and Google Classroom, just to name a few.


    Students will learn to key and format various documents using the “touch method."  Students will apply their keyboarding skills to various projects, which may include: announcements, letters, reports, among other business related information. 


    Topics such as Career Research, Digital Citizenship, Financial Literacy, Digital Footprint, Business Ethics, Technology and Coding are explored in this semester long business course. 


    The course will function much like a business with challenging authentic problems where students assume various business related roles and be active participants in project based learning. These real-world problems, projects and discussions enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills in order for the students to make meaning contributions to the world.


    We will learn to set goals, objectives, manage deadlines and submit projects. students will be engaged in authentic business problems, which reflect real-world scenarios. They will be working on Career/Skills Analysis, Resumes, Business Cards, Business Correspondence, and Web Advertisements, among others.   Lastly, they will be enrolling in an online class for Coding in Middle School or C.A.M.S, hosted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The students will have the opportunity to create and display coding portfolios with the local community and the world!