School Policies








    Honor Code


    As members of the PFHS school-community, we are responsible for upholding and contributing to an atmosphere of respect, truthfulness, and fairness. Our Honor Code serves as a commitment to intellectual honesty and states, “On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test, quiz, assignment, lab, or any other student-generated work.


    Bring Your Own Technology


    Students have all been issued Chromebooks. Each student should charge their Chromebooks at home in the evening as preparation for the next days class. Every stuednet needs to bring their Chromebook to school each day. Chromebooks are to be used to enhance, not replace, teaching and learning. Students are expected to abide by the classroom teacher’s rules and directions when using technology during class time. We expect all Panthers to be Ready, Responsible, and Respectful regarding the use of technology and how its use can impact self and others.

    Grading Scale

    It's a 10 point scale folks! 90 to 100 = A, 80-89 = B, 70 to 79 = C, 60 to 69 = D, below 60 F

    A couple of points above each lower score is a minus and a couple of points below each high score is a plus.

    Also- It's in your Agenda and on the Potomac Falls High School's webpage and Loudoun County Public School's webpage webpage

Last Modified on September 11, 2019