• Welcome to Graphic Design!

    Welcome to Graphic Design!


    Congratulations! You survived and passed Art 1! :-) In this semester course we will learn the basics of graphic design using some of the professional design programs, implementing elements and principles of art that we covered in Art 1 such as composition, balance, color, space and more. Additionally, we will learn about what makes a good design good, and how your acquired design skills could benefit you in the future!

    Nine Week Plans-Quarter 1
     Dates Topic/Assignment   Type of Assessment 
    Weeks 1-2  Understanding digital images (Mode, color, resolution, printing) Formative, Critique, Self-reflection, Summative 
    Weeks 3-5  Exercises in Adobe Illustrator Formative, Critique, Self-reflection, Summative
     Weeks 7-9  Project in Adobe Illustrator (Logo Design) Formative, Critique, Self-reflection, Summative
     Graphic Design Info
    Grading Policy:

    Students will be graded in a points system, in the following categories:

    Projects (include group projects, critiques, discussions, etc.) - 100-200 points

    Reflections/Re-submitting Work:

    Not happy with your grade? Refer to the rubric you were given to reflect on how you could rework the art piece. Submit the updated work before the end of the quarter to receive/recover points. Please note, I will not accept works on teacher work days.

    Thank you for taking the time to look over this!

    Ms. Murphy