Geospatial Science Topics and Daily Agenda

  • Students will work through assignments in Google classroom. 


    Students are expected to have the following skills on

    LCPS Geospatial Science Standards

    Technical Skills (note some of the skills listed are for level 2)

    Making and interpreting thematic maps

    1. Selecting and querying data
    2. Tabular and spatial joins
    3. Defining, changing, and working with map projections
    4. Adding and mapping X-Y coordinate data
    5. Overlay operations
    6. Create and use metadata
    7. Creating summary tables, graphs and layouts
    8. Georeferencing unregistered images
    9. Address geocoding
    10. Collecting and analyzing authentic data
    11. Raster analysis including remote sensing and Lidar imagery
    12. Editable feature services
    13. Python scripting

    Spatial Thinking Skills

    1. Describing features present in a map or other geospatial display
    2. Identifying patterns in maps or other geospatial displays
    3. Grouping features that are proximate/adjacent to one another into regions or areas
    4. Investigating correlation and causation with multiple data layers
    5. Describing and Interpreting geospatial displays that change over time
    6. Posing a problem that can be investigated using maps or geospatial displays
    7. Identifying data required to address this problem

    Workplace Readiness

     Teamwork skills

    1. Conflict-resolution skills
    2. Creativity and resourcefulness skills
    3. Effective speaking and listening skills
    4. Effective writing and reading skills
    5. Effective critical-thinking and problem-solving skills

    Time-, task-, and resource-management