Geospatial Science Policies and Procedures

  • Grading Policy:

     Each student must do his or her own work, case studies, and midterm projects. Students will be paired for their final James Madison University project. Discussion and assistance among students on tutorials and cases is encouraged for clarification, technical details of using software, and structuring major steps of solutions.

    Cheating and plagiarism are strictly forbidden, as stated in the BWHS Honor Code. Cheating includes, but is not limited to plagiarism, submission of work that is not the student’s own, submission or use of falsified data, unauthorized access to an exam or assignment, use of unauthorized material during the midterm exam project, and supplying or communicating unauthorized information for an assignment or exam.

    Grades will be calculated as an accumulation of points each marking period.

    Note: High school grades and JMU grades may not be the same, as JMU puts more emphasis on the midterm project and final project. 

    Late Work Policy:

    Students are expected to have all checkpoints and assignments completed by the deadline. It is extremely important for students to complete and wrap-up assignments, even if the work must be turned in late, as skills mastered are used in subsequent projects.


    Students are able to resubmit an assignments and earn up to an 80% on the second attempt.