• Getting Started / FAQs


    If you are new to guitar this year, I hope you are excited to begin! I hope that playing the guitar becomes a source of life-long enjoyment for you. Here are answers to some important frequently asked questions about guitar classes this year:


    Do I need a guitar for home practice?

    Yes! All 7th and 8th grade guitar students MUST have a guitar for home practice. All practice and playing assignments will be done on your home guitar. Playing assignments will begin as early as the 2nd week. Your playing assignments require you to submit a video of yourself playing your guitar. See below for more information on what type of guitar I would recommend.


    What kind of guitar should I have at home?

    I recommend a NYLON STRING CLASSICAL GUITAR for home practice. I recommend Cordoba or Yamaha brand classical guitars. We use Yamaha CG-101 guitars at school. However, if you already have another brand of guitar or have a steel string acoustic guitar at home, that will suffice.


    Can I rent a guitar from Eagle Ridge?

    Short answer - No. Loudoun County Public Schools provides a class set of guitars for students to use during class and they must stay at school. However, if your family is in need of financial assistance, please contact me and I will get a guitar to you one way or another.


    Do you recommend purchasing or renting a guitar?

    I recommend purchasing a guitar for use during the school year. I checked with a local music store and they rent guitars for $23/month. This will cost you approximately $230 for the 10 months of the school year. Other local music stores sell guitar packages (include accessories like tuners, gig bags, guitar picks, etc.) for as low as $180. You can find used instruments for even less money. Look online for deals on new or used guitars. Email me with questions.


    Do I need to bring my guitar to school?

    No. Loudoun County Public Schools provides a class set of guitars that you will use during school. Unless there is a special occasion like an after-school rehearsal or a concert, home guitars should not come into school. There is no storage available for home guitars at school.


    Can I use my electric guitar for home practice?

    No. The techniques used to play electric and classical guitars are quite different. The body shape, neck width, string type, and many other factors make electric guitars unsuitable for most of the techniques we will study in class. If you have a steel string acoustic guitar, you can use that for home practice. However, the "feel" of a steel string guitar is quite different from the guitars we use in school. Steel string guitars cannot be used during concerts.


    Are there any other materials I should get for home practice?

    Having the necessary tools on hand will help to ensure enjoyment and success with the guitar. These items are available at local music stores and online:

    • Music Stand - (optional but highly recommended)
    • Clip-on tuner - (can use an app like Guitar Tuna)
    • Guitar support or footstool


     Is there a method book I need to purchase?

            Yes! For 7th grade only.

    • 7th Grade guitarists need: FJH Young Begginer Guitar Method, Lesson Book 1. *(do not get the version with the CD)


     *Contact your local music store or purchase online.

    • 8th grade course materials will appear in Schoology.
    • All materials must be brought to EVERY online class.