• For both US History and US Government grading will as follows:


    Summative Assessments - 100% of Quarterly Grades

    1. Summative assessments

    2. Long-term summative projects

    3. No single assessment will count more than 20% of a student's quarterly grade

    4. Students will have at least 5 grades per quarter

    5. No grade below 50% will be given 



    Retakes - Students who earn an 79% or lower on an assessment will be given the opportunity to retake the assessment (a different version of the content) one time for a maximum grade of 80%.

    1. Retake must be done within 5 school days of the assessment beginning entered in the gradebook.

    2. Students must make arrangements with Mr.Bateman to take the retest BEFORE school or during their study hall.

    3. A portfolio of ALL FULLY COMPLETED classwork related to that assessments content must be submitted to be eligible for the retake. 

    4. Only 1 retake per assessment will be given. 


    Per LCPS grading policy Quarterly Masterly Assessments will no longer be given.