• The 3 Ps of Classroom Conduct

    • Be Prepared
      • Arrive to class on time (be in your seat by the time the bell stops ringing).
      • Have all your materials (binder, pencil, homework, Chromebook and charger, etc.).
      • Complete all assignments and study for quizzes and tests.
    • Be Polite
      • Listen to directions and follow them quickly.
      • Raise your hand to get permission to speak or to leave your seat. (Don’t interrupt!)
      • Treat others in the class as you would like to be treated.
      • Say “Please” and “Thank you.”
    • Participate
      • Attempt all activities completely and honestly. Don’t worry about mistakes, just keep trying!
      • Take good notes, and stay organized.
      • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or answer questions!



    • Be in the seat when the bell rings. Class begins promptly.
    • If you need to do anything between classes that may take extra time, talk to the teacher(s) first.
    • If you are tardy you will need to fill out a tardy form.
    • You are allowed two (2) tardies to class per nine-week grading period. On the third tardy you will be assigned to Friday School. Any additional tardies will be handled by the administration.



    Absent? Missed class?

    • It is YOUR responsibility to check StudentVUE/ParentVUE, or see the teacher(s) the next time you are in school to get the information and assignments you missed. If you know ahead of time that you will miss class, see the teacher(s) BEFORE you are absent.


    Other Important Notes

    • You may have drinks and snacks in the classroom provided you keep the room clean by disposing of your trash properly (please recycle).
    • No mobile devices during instructional time! Devices must be placed in the pockets at the beginning of class.
    • If you need to leave the room, you must raise your hand and ask permission first, then have the teacher(s) sign a written pass.


    Need Help?

    • Ask the teacher(s).
    • The Math Resource Center is open throughout the school day. If you need help with any assignments or would like help studying for a quiz or test, get a pass from the teacher(s) to come to the Math Resource Center during your Study Hall.
    • Extra practice problems can be found by using the online textbook available through LCPS Go—find the Pearson EasyBridge app.


    Didn't find what you were looking for here? Check the syllabus found on either the Algebra 1 or Geometry page linked at the left.