• Be on time, with all supplies
    • Food & Drinks are allowed -within reason
    • Phones are to be out of SIGHT until you are told you can use them
    • RAISE your hand and wait to be called on
    • STAY in class unless told otherwise or given a pass
    • Respect Yourself

      Have self-control and let yourself succeed

      Respect Others

      Treat all classmates with respect and as you wish to be treated by them

      Respect the Instructor(s)

      Respect is a two way street; you get what you give

    • Follow the BWHS Honor Code

      Honor Code

      The Briar Woods High School community embodies a spirit of mutual trust and intellectual honesty that is essential to the nature of the school. As members of this community we uphold the values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, accountability, and respect the property of others.