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    Classroom Lessons

    Every class recieves lessons from the school counselor.  Kindergarten classes have lessons every week where as 1st-5th grade are every other week. All lessons are 30 minutes each and fall under one of the three domains: academic, career, personal/social.  Topics include but not limited to bully prevention, study skills, understanding our own emotions, being a good friend, careers, test taking strategies and tranistion to middle school.  

    Group Counseling

    Also going on throughout the year will be different student groups.  These groups will be determined by recommendations of teachers, principals, student self-recommentation, parents and myself. All members in the group will have parent permission before participating.  Most groups will be composed of 4-6 students and will be short term.  Group run through out the year (starting in the early fall).  

    Different group might include: death and grieveing, friendship, social awareness, self-esteem, self-empowerment, and so forth.

    One on One Counseling

    Often I will meet with students one-on-one. Students can come on their own and sign up to see me, or they are recommended to see me by their teacher or parents. Parents please contact me if you would like to set up an appointment to discuss your child. I tell the students that I am here to help them in whatever they need and the same goes for parents. Sometimes, with parental permission, I can set up a short-term weekly appointment with students to check in and see if there is an ongoing issue we need to look at.

    While many think that I am here to only help with problems, I want you to know my door is always open if they also want to talk about the good things going on as well as the issues in their life.