• If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to make up all missed work and notes. All missed assignments are on the side of the classroom in the folder marked WHI/ WHII/ US



    • If you miss a test, you have until the next test to make it up, if it is not made up by then, you will be given an alternate form of the test, to make up a test see me to get a pass


    • If students are caught cheating on tests or other assignments, that student will be given a zero. If students are copying off each other, both students will be given zeros.


    • All assignments are due at the stated time.  However, students will be given the opportunity to make up assignments for up to 60% credit by completing and turning in. Any assignment turned in to me before I leave at the end of the day is considered on time.  The final deadline for all assignments is the end of the nine weeks, assignments will not be accepted after the nine weeks are over


    • No assignment can be turned in over e-mail, or turned in by parents, students must do it themselves



    • If you are here on test day you will take the test, the SOL do not get pushed back for absences and neither do tests
Last Modified on August 14, 2019