• Ninth Grade Syllabus



    1. Follow Directions the first time they are given.  (If you do not understand please ask)
    2. Use the equipment appropriately and only when asked to
    3. Be on Task
    4. Be Safe (safety comes first!)
    5. Be Respectful and Cooperative (this includes proper language and actions)
    6. Practice Good Sportsmanship
    7. You are responsible for your own actions, behave in a way that you can be proud of!
    8. Come to class prepared with a uniform and PE binder.
    9. Utilize PE locks and lockers while in Physical Education. Keep valuables locked up.
    10. Keep cell phones out of the gym and locked up in the locker room.
    11. All students will be given 10 minutes to dress out for class and return to their squad lines or will be marked tardy.