• Prevention Services
    Student Assistance Program
    The Student Assistance Program is a collaborative program between Loudoun County Mental Health and Loudoun County Schools Prevention Office.  This program provides a Loudoun County Mental Health Therapist who will be available to conduct  free assessment at school for students who are having difficulties due to behavior problems, emotional problems, family difficulties, peer relationships, or other outside issues.  The therapist will meet with the student for 3 seesions and parents are expected to participate. Please contact your son or daughter's guidance counselor to request a referral form or to inquire about this program.
    Loudoun County Substance Abuse Prevention Program
    The SAP Program provides the following services:  Drug and Alcohol Interview and Referral, Recovery Groups, Pre-Recovery Groups, Educational Groups, COA Groups, Insight Class with Follow-Up Support and Parent Meeting, 30 Day Program, and Smoking Prevention.   Please contact your son or daughter's guidance counselor for more information.
    The Student Services Department for LCPS can be found at the link below.
Last Modified on November 9, 2005