Ms. Gertrude Okyere



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Gertrude Okyere

Many have attempted the feat that is my last name and failed. From that slimy green vegetable (Okra), to the phonetic (Oh-key-ere), I have heard it all. It’s’s Ghanaian – I understand! Let’s chat about it when we meet.

I was born and raised in Ghana, and moved to the US during my awkward pimply years. After a stint in Fairfax County Schools, I skipped off to Virginia Tech for a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations, and later found myself in Williamsburg, selecting apples next to Ben Franklin impersonators (…while earning a Masters in Education at W&M).

I have been teaching 5th grade for the past 8 years, focusing on all subject areas, but my absolute favorite subject to teach is SCIENCE. I give you fair warning - I will probably squeal, sparkle and go on for several minutes if a topic involving Science comes up! I look forward to partnering with you to make Science reign supreme! Yikes, did I just release my plans for world domination?

A few important things Ms. Okyere believes to be true: 

1. “Century Gothic” is superior to all fonts.

2. Everybody can sing and dance…to some degree.

3. Board games are still cool.

4. The answer is Chocolate.

5. Arms are made for hugging.